Next Time It's Forever ♥ Original Harry Potter Fanfiction

Next Time It's Forever ♥ Original Harry Potter Fanfiction

Grayce, Alyssa and Lauren are three girls living in completely different worlds. When Grayce's passion is making people smile, Alyssa wants to change the world, and Lauren dreams of freedom and a better life. But when they realize that they are all connected in ways that they cannot imagine, the three girls must work together to make all of their dreams come true. Hayley ♥

Chapter 1

Grayce Silver ~ Forgotten

First chapter credits to sericat46 and her one-shot, The Badger and the Lion!

"Miss Silver? Are you awake? 'Tis time to board the train to Hogwarts, Miss!" Rose, my house elf, poked me awake. I opened my eyes slowly and squinted at her. “Morning, Rose,” I said, wiping sleep from my eyes and propping myself up on one elbow. My hair fell over my shoulders, and I blinked several times before I could open my eyes. Rose had opened the curtains, revealing the sun shining against the cloudless blue sky. Our lawn was covered with a fine layer of sparkling dew. I swung my legs off the bed and put on my fuzzy slippers.

Rosie hopped from my table and scurried to the kitchen to cook breakfast. I grabbed my clothes, got dressed quickly, and hurried after her.

"What's for breakfast today, Rosie?" I called, already smelling the bacon cooking as I walked down the stairs. I made sure all my bags were in order by the door before heading into the kitchen. I didn’t want to get into a mess on my first day as a Fifth Year.

"Eggs, toast, and bacon, Miss. Would you like orange juice or milk today?" She shook some bacon, a scrambled egg, and toast onto a plate and passed it to me. I took it, and hurried to the dining table, where I settled my plate and sat down, beginning to eat.

"Orange juice, please. Say, have you seen Father today?" Right as I said his name, Father walked through the door, some muggle newspaper in hand. You see, he is a muggle, my mother being the witch in the family. Well, besides me, that is. You could imagine the face when he found out about my mom being a witch. He looked like a statue called “Man in Shock”.

"Good morning, Grayce! Morning, Rose!" My father said as Rose filled his plate with food and passed it to him. He may be strict, but he was never rude.

Soon, it was time to board the train. Mother and Father said good bye, and I boarded the train. As I was walking to an empty compartment, I bumped into Seamus. I noticed how he was tanner, no doubt from being in the sun all summer. His emerald-blue eyes twinkled, and I could feel a light shade of pink across my nose, but I smiled quickly, hoping to cover it up.

Unfortunately, he happened to be with Lavender Brown, the smug, imbecilic tosser that I had loathed from Day One, but failed every time to find a reason for it.

"Oh, hello Seamus, hi Lavender. Did you guys have a good summer?" I asked, trying to be my usual polite self. Only today, it was harder than ever when all I really wanted to do was to run away. I shifted my weight from foot to foot, hoping they wouldn't notice.

"Oh yeah. Accidentally blew the broom shed up, but other wise stayed out of trouble." Seamus laughed, and stupid Lavender made cow eyes at him. "Yes, I spent some time with Seamy, so I had a wonderful summer!" Lavender cooed, and I had the sudden urge to strangle her, even more than usual. When Seamus put his arm around Lavender, I looked down at my feet, pretending to brush off a piece of grass. My whole head felt cold and heavy and numb. It felt like there was something hard in my chest.

"Well, I have to go find a compartment. I'll see you guys later." I turned and walked in the opposite direction, but as I passed a couple of full ones, I couldn’t help but stop in my tracks. Part of me was wishing that Seamus would come after me. But when I turned around, hoping that Seamus would still be there, they were long gone. As I turned around, I could still hear Lavender’s stupid giggle ringing in my ears. I bit my lip so hard that I tasted blood.

I eventually found an empty compartment and put my luggage away. I rested my cheek against the window, and I could feel it vibrating gently from the moving train. I closed my eyes gently. Seamus Finnigan and Lavender Brown. It wasn’t even a surprise. They had gone to the Yule Ball together last year, while I stayed up in the Girls’ Dormitory all night, crying softly while listening to the music floating from the Great Hall, and wishing that I could have been there.

A few hours later we arrived at Hogwarts, and after the Sorting ceremony, we were introduced to our new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, a plump old lady wearing shocking pink clothes. She looked so painfully ridiculous next to the normally-dressed Professor McGonagall and Professor Trelawney, I nearly laughed out loud, but held it back just in time.

When she was saying all that waffle about preserving what must be preserved or something, I poked at my chicken and looked up, meeting eyes with Lavender Brown on the Gryffindor Table. At first she was surprised, and then grinned a cheesy grin. Her fingers entwined with Seamus’s, who was sitting next to her. Seamus looked down at her and smiled, while she gave another stupid giggle and twirled her hair. Seamus didn’t see me. He went straight back to his food again, with the sheep-like Lavender batting playfully at his shoulders, flirting shamelessly.

"Grayce,” Hannah Abbott whispered, prodding at my shoulder. I looked up, and turned to her. She was frowning. “Grayce, are you okay? You’ve been completely silent the whole time.” She looked down at my plate. “And you love Yorkshire pudding! You’re not even eating anything!”

"I’m not hungry, that’s all,” I whispered back. Hannah wasn’t convinced, because she stared skeptically at me. I sighed, and reluctantly ate two rolls of sushi. “There, I just ate.”

"Two rolls of sushi won’t do as your dinner, Grayce,” Hannah protested, and she practically shoved an entire plate of spaghetti Bolognese and meatballs into my mouth. I had to hold back my squeals and splutters until the Pink Lady had finished her speech. When the noises resumed in the Great Hall, I managed to swallow it all with a few coughs. “What are you trying to do, Hannah? Killing me through choking isn’t going to help my appetite, you know.”

When I finished a glass of chocolate milkshake, I felt a little better. I seriously couldn’t feel any hunger. I kept my eyes locked tightly on my plate, which was piled high with French fries and chicken nuggets and beef stroganoff. It suddenly didn’t look at all that appealing. But I had to keep my eyes on my plate. If I looked up, then I would see them again.

Giggling erupted from the Gryffindor table, and my body disobeyed my brain’s orders. I looked up, and saw that Lavender Brown and Seamus Finnigan were missing from their seats. I could pick up some snippets of Ginny’s conversation with Parvati. “…Gryffindor common room… whole night… making out…” I heard, and suddenly wished I hadn’t heard anything at all.

The tables cleared and students filed out of the hall slowly, talking with each other. I felt cold from head to toe, but inside my chest I was burning hot. It seemed like a fire had erupted in me. I was numb, and I had to force my legs to move. My vision was blurry. I wasn’t sure if it was from the long, weary day, or the tears that were already trickling down my cheeks.

I thought I saw spark, I really did. But I clenched my fists, gritted my teeth, and stared straight ahead. Why was I being so selfish? Seamus could date whoever he liked, and do whatever he liked with them. He was happy like that. I guess I should forget about him after all.

I needed to keep myself busy. Too busy to think of Seamus dating Lavender, and to put my mind on how much it hurt that it wasn’t me.


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