Why I Think We Should Be Able To Curse On Quibblo

*******DISCLAIMER:******* This isn't meant to be offensive. I am truly sorry if I DO offend someone, especially a member of the fabulous Quibblo team.

This is an opinion. A suggestion. I'm not trying to force anything, although it may sound that way. Sorry xD

Feel free to comment and rate as you please. Like I stated above, I am not trying to start any fights and/or riots. This is just a peaceful persuasive letter. :3 Or at least...that's what I'm aiming for.

Chapter 1

Please Read The Intro

Dear Quibblo:

So, as the title says, I would like Quibblonians to be able to curse. The profanity filter on here is a bit extreme. I understand why you have it, but I honestly don't think it's needed...or wanted.

Almost all of the users on this site are used to hearing swears anyway—it's nothing new. Read the stories on here; the majority of them contain cursing already…but it’s censored, which looks slightly unprofessional.

One of the many features of Quibblo is writing. There are many serious/dark stories on here (this is NOT a bad thing) that contain curse words. The problem is, the "censoring" can distract away from the storyline. Characters either end up yelling something unrealistic, such as "OH POPPERCORNNUGGETS!" or in other cases, a word ends up looking like thíííííšś. Either way, it just seems...wrong.

I know that you're probably thinking that some users would take this too far. (Although, if they did, you could always just click the report button...) But I have a suggestion regarding that, too: Put a warning/age rating on the creations. Say I went to click on a quiz/story/note with profanity. There could be a warning screen stating something along the lines of "This post contains mature content. Would you like to continue on anyway?" That way, Quibblonians that feel uneasy about profanity would know before viewing the post, and it'd be easier for the Quibblo team to catch what may be undercover bullying.

Speaking of that, I’m going to move on now...to Quibblo the user's point of view on this matter and address that.
For those who don't know, Quibblo (the user) says that Quibblo (the site) is meant to be civil, and cursing can bring on the opposite of that.

Now, I'm not denying that fights have happened here; of course they have. Let's face it, though: People will always curse. People will always pick fights, regardless of whether the profanity is 'filtered' or not.

The issue? Many Quibbonians just use swearing in narrative stories, not to attack anyone. That makes the filter even more annoying, I must admit. I've personally never gotten into a public fight with any Quibblo members, I love writing serious stuff, and I cannot swear on here. I'd seriously never attack or bully anyone, and I know I'm not the only Quibblonian like this.

That brings us to another one of my ideas: Swearing could become a "privilege" on here. Quibblo members could be able to use all the profanity they want in original creations. If they started to hurt other users with their words, they would be banned and the filter would be brought back—used only on them. Hopefully that way, next to nobody will abuse this freedom, and if they DO, it can be taken away—almost like the termination of accounts.

Speaking of termination, other thing Mr. Quibblo has said... "Some Quibblonians have had their accounts terminated by their parents after the parents found out about creations containing profanity."
Well honestly—please don't take this the wrong way—that isn't really the business of the Quibblo Team. Users should tell their parents that they are signing up for a website where people swear. If they don't, and their parents find out the hard way, so be it. It was the Quibblonian's responsibility anyway.

This next argument may be a bit biased, I suppose, but after asking around a bit, I discovered that in most cases,
a.) Lots of Quibblonians do indeed tell their parents that people curse on here
b.) The Quibblonians' parents don't really strictly monitor their online activity/don't care
c.) The Quibblonians are at the age where they don't NEED to tell their parents about their online activity.

Yes, I recognize that some parents don't want their child(ren) using swears on here. Seriously though, if that's the case, they should monitor what their kid posts on here. It is not Quibblo's responsibility!

I truly hope that you will take my opinions into account.
If anyone has any questions and/or other views, please feel free to comment or message me. :)
Please note: Any rude messages or comments will be deleted!



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