Things U Should Know

Chapter 1


by: _xy_
Not everyone likes girly-girls.
Ur beautiful inside & out, no matter what people tell u.
Not everyone likes show offs.
Dont assume right away that if sumthing is missing that sum1 stole it.
Be happy w/ what u hav
When writing a story on this site u only hav 25000 characters
The Divergent movie didnt follow the book, but it was still good
Dont rely on things 2 much, u mite find ur self lost without them, b independent
Dont let people control ur life, in the end we r all human
Nail polish has chemicals in it, dont wear it 2 much
NEVER get a fake tan
Instruments r really easy 2 play if u put ur heart & mind into it :)
At that, everything is possible w/ God
Bastille (& imagine dragons) is my go 2 (its ALL i listen 2 except da radio)(listening 2 rite now) ;)
A lot of bestsellers r about girls :)
Never let a single spot on ur bookshelf empty (ive got boxes, trophies/medals, football, soccerball, & a volleyball other than books in it)
Dont procrastinate (i needa work on it 2, dont worry)
U r sum1's sun, whether u no or not
Not enough 4 sum1? MOVE ON, they dont deserve ur friendship or love
Dont let sumthing or sum1 stop u 4rom doing wat u love
If sum1 makes u smile wen they'r not around thats special :)
Have faith in urself
Dont believe evrything u see and hear
Money doesnt matter in the end
The rite music 4 u will make u feel good (doy!)
Make sure the luv is true b4 it gets serious
Lock ur main doors & car, the world has gone mad
Writing helps u get stuff off ur chest, but @ da same time lets ur imagination run wild
Same with drawing
U dont needa band aid 4 evry little cut and scrape (this is the 1st time in about a year or 2 that ive put 1 on bcaus its on my thumb, that i use 4 evrything!) rollin eyes
Glasses dont make u look smarter
Independence Day, Anger Management, Legally Blond, Divergent, The Hunger Games, The Lord of the Ring, etc. r all AWESUM movies!
Im out of ideas... THE END!


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