Suicide- You guys encourage it without even knowing it-

Chapter 1

Let's take the blind fold off

It ain't clicking. Nothing's going right. You skip lunch, cry all day, your whole life sucks. Man depression is real, and it gets to people. If you've ever been suicidal, that ain't your fault, but the things people say to comfort you certainly ain't helping.

When people are depressed what is a common thing they crave? Love. Not internet love like we give em. Yea we try, but let's face it, we want someone to notice our hard time and give us a hug and tell us it's gonna be alright. But when does that really even happen? The movies, and on rare occasion in real life. No one sees your hard time. Afterwards though, you decide to take the gun and end it. What is that one thing you received after your death. That same love. At your funeral people talk about how strong you were. Your picture is viral as people comment on your beauty. This is exactly what anyone would dream of. Glory, Fame, and all at the price of your life. If the noose is all we need to be famous, why don't we all kill ourselves? See no one takes time to show you love until it's too late. Now, this is a minor point, this is not how you guys encourage suicide, but I thought I'd add this point. The moral of this paragraph is: Show love to people. You don't know how close they are to the noose or the overdose. It's too late after the deed is done guys.

You know suicide is not an easy thing to do. It takes a lot of nerve to take a gun and pull the trigger. But it takes more nerve and courage to keep going. See people say suicide is cowardly. A coward is defined as someone who runs away from a battle before it starts. See these people are already going through a battle, and it ain't easy. They ain't cowards, but let's take two men. Horrible lives. Same problem, same depression. One desires to end it, while the other desires to keep going. No extra motivation. Which one is stronger? Or perhaps I should word it as which one endured more? Could you guess which one got the prize? Suicide is not a cowardly thing, it's an escape route. The easy way out. But surely the one who continued has succeeded.

See, people wanna tell everywhere that suicide is a strong decision. Something you have to be brave to do. No. It's not bravery, it's desperation. It's real pain. And then people on the fence read your comments. About how strong this decision is, and that it is their choice. BOOM! Their went someone's boyfriend. Someone will have to sleep through the night knowing their brother wasn't their anymore. A mother has to suffer with the haunting question, what did I do?

Yea, suicide is a choice, but I say 100% without shame, and I refuse to sugar coat it and hold it back, it is the WRONG choice. You can't justify it. I understand that this is real pain, I understand that it would be easier to give up and put a bullet through it. But isn't the prize worth it? Your survival is inspiration for the younger generation, you are like a warrior. You fight a hard battle, if you have gotten this far it would be a shame to quit now. It is a battle worth fighting.

I might also add, suicide can cause a chain reaction. A daughter commits suicide, then her mother, then a son, and it just trickles down. No this isn't a very popular story, but it happens every day.

One last word before I get the hate comments, Guys, I don't care how much you hate someone at school, whether they are prep or poor, show them love. You don't know their situation or what they are going through. They could be closer to the noose than you think. You're bit of kindness could be the difference.


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