This One's for Us

My entry for writing contest number 40 :)
Votes and comments would be greatly appreciated!

I hope you enjoy, and maybe even relate.
~Claire :)

Chapter 1

This One's for Us

This one's for the dreamers, the overachievers,
The ones lost in Wonderland, in Neverland,
The ones wandering around this place we call reality.
This one's for the rebels, the believers,
The ones perpetually seeing their futures.
This one's for the big kids, the small kids, the just-your-Average-Joe kids
That when you step off the bus that is childhood,
And you enter the building that is life,
You never lose your gleam, the way that
The sun refuses to stop rising no matter how many times
The night may extinguish the day.

This one's for the wallflowers, the ones who see but don't say.
The ones who keep it all inside, full to the brim with unspoken knowledge.
That when you finally reach your tipping point, when you've had enough.
When you can see the silence ending,
You never lose your courage, the way that
Even stars go out with a burst.

This one's for the bad boys, the bad girls, the kids who've
Lost their reputations. The ones who fell along the twisted path,
The ones who got up only to fall once more,
That when you finally turn the page, end the chapter,
You rise again, a little bit stronger, the way that
A book's sequel has every chance to make the story even better.

This one's for the in-betweeners, the floaters,
The ones who never belong completely, wholly.
The ones who flit between the cracks, the ones who can always find a place
Somewhere, anywhere, but it's never quite home.
That when you finally find the perfect fit,
You never lose that diversity, that ability to adapt,
The way that cushions transform into shapes that didn't exist before.

This one's for you, and all there ever was,
This one's for the people who don't know who they are,
And the people who do.
This one's for the teachers, the readers,
The engineers, the dentists,
The doctors, the lawyers,
The police men, the firefighters,
The students who study,
The children who play.
This one's for you,
That when you
Look back on who you've been,
You see the endless possibilities,
The things that could've been, might've been,
And thank your lucky stars that you've lived the life you've lived.

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