More Than A Selfish Decision (a Divergent Fanfiction)

More Than A Selfish Decision (a Divergent Fanfiction)

So we all (who've read the books) know how Tris and Four and everybody else got put under the bad simulation serum by Jeanine Matthews and the rest of the Erudite.

But say Jeanine Matthews mysteriously died before the simulation was able to take place? Say a year passes after, and now Erudite has their feet back under them and they want to try again?

This will be the story of how Cressida, along with a few old friends we all know and love, will get through that.

Chapter 2

Not When We're So Close

I was waiting in the back of the line with Jeremy and our friend Mariah, standing behind the rest of the Amity waiting to take their aptitude tests.

The line next to us was made up of Candors, with Abnegations, Erudites, and Dauntless following after.

"Aren't you guys excited?" Mariah squealed happily, clapping her hands slightly in excitement. "After today we get to start the rest of our lives together! It's gonna be so awesome!"

I did my best to smile in response, but I found myself avoiding both her gaze and Jeremy's gaze.

Mariah was an undeniably sweet girl, the most perfect Amity-like person I've ever met. She had gorgeous brown hair just as long as my red hair, but more often than not she chose to keep it down so it reached her knees.

And she was my very best friend, after Jeremy of course. But sometimes she was too sweet and gullible for her own good.

All of us had probably only been waiting about fifteen minutes or so, but already students were getting restless (especially the Dauntless) and a few of them were wandering from their factions' lines to talk to students of other factions.

"Hey Treehugger!"

My back stiffened at the sound of the hateful nickname people of other factions called the Amity.

But it wasn't even directed at me.

A few boys from the Candor line were now a little closer to the Amity line and were looking directly at Jeremy, Mariah and I.

Well, mainly at Mariah.

No surprise there.

She was gorgeous one, always has been, even if she has never noticed or cared to notice. Jeremy has been mooning over her for the past three years, too scared to tell her he likes her, and I've grown used all guys looking right past me and at her.

Anyway, I had more than enough reason to assume that the shout had been meant Mariah, especially since the person who said it, a guy of about my height and build with wavy fly-away blonde hair and stormy grey eyes was still staring at her, a nasty smirk (that made me want to punch him in the face) playing at his lips.

Jeremy grabbed my wrist, squeezing it tightly for a moment before letting me go just as quickly.

I knew it was a warning.

Tearing my gaze away from the Candor boy, I met my twin's eyes levelly.

Don't get angry now, Cressida. Jeremy's soft brown eyes pleaded. Not when we're this close.

Before I could think of a way to reassure him or myself (or both of us), Mariah had figured out that the boys were talking to her and her smile widened.

"Yes?" She called over, her blue eyes twinkling with so much happiness that I wanted to shake her.

I mean, who can be that happy all the time?

Obviously not you, Cressida. A little voice hissed in the back of my head. You're not good enough for Amity, you're nothing but a rude, selfish person.

I forced myself to not listen to the voice in the back of my head as the Candor boy began talking again.

"Why don't you lift that skirt up for us sweetheart?" The guy (jerk!) called out, winking at her suggestively as his two friends cat-called and wolf-whistled. "You want us all to be happy, don't you?"

A muscle in Jeremy's jaw leaped, and I knew he was forcing that pleasant smile on his face with every ounce of resistance he had.

Meanwhile, I felt sick to my stomach. Those bastards.

I prepared to turn my back on the guys after shooting them a surreptitious glare, about to make it so that I was facing Mariah and Jeremy, trying to block them out so Mariah wouldn't have to deal with their jerk-ness.

But before I got a chance to do that, I saw Mariah's hands clench around the folds of her floor-length tiered skirt, and the hem began to lift above her ankles.

No! Why does she have to actually do it?!

"Mariah, don't!" I lunged forward and knocked her skirt out of her hands, rage flaring through my entire being until my own hands were beginning to shake with it.

Mariah looked wounded that I had hit her and made her stop, but I would explain it to her later.

I felt the enormous need to protect her surge through me, like she was a little innocent puppy instead of a young girl, my best friend.

I whirled on the Candor boys then, my rage and anger still written all over my face, and I was at the point of not even caring that I wasn't trying to hide it.

"You bastards." I spat, my voice full of loathing and hatred. "You leave her alone, you hear me?"

My angry outburst got a gasp from Mariah, a groan from Jeremy, and a few looks of shock from the Candor boy and his friends.

I waited, breathing heavily, my hands still shaking, glaring at the boy, almost daring him to say something.

The boy who had been speaking the whole time walked forward until he was standing directly in front of me, until we were almost nose to nose.

(Which proved my earlier theory of us being the same exact height.)

"What's an Amity doing getting angry?" The boy sneered softly, his lip curling and an evil glint gleaming in his eyes. "We wouldn't want her to get in trouble, now would we? And what's so wrong with your friend here making us happy? You should want to make us happy too, you know."

Not even thinking about or caring about the consequences, I lifted my hand up and punched the boy directly in the face, my fist connecting with his left eye.

The punch jarred my arm, and I wasn't sure who was more shocked that I'd hit him: me, or him.

I'd never hit anyone before, and the feeling in my hand was a new one. Later that night I would find that my knuckles were bruised blue and purple in color.

I would also realize that I enjoyed the thrill of punching someone, in some weird rage-filled way.

But I managed to hide my own shock well.

"I said leave her alone." My speech slowed down to a mere crawl, now with a dangerous growl to it as I felt my hands clench into shaking fists again. "Go back to your friends, Candor. And leave all of us alone, you jacka$$."

There was a split instant where a new look flashed in his eyes, looking like a mixture of surprise and newfound respect.

But then it was gone, a sneering leer left on his face, his eyes flashing with anger.

He leaned closer to me so that he could whisper in my right ear. I could feel the heat from his body and I could have sworn he could hear my heart pounding with the adrenaline.

"You'd better watch yourself, Treehugger." He warned threateningly before pulling away from me and walking with his friends back to the Candor line, leaving him with the last word unfortunately.

I turned back around to face my brother, who had his arm around Mariah and was talking to her quietly.

When he sensed my gaze, he looked up to meet my eyes and his gaze was defeated, and disappointed.

I'm sorry. I pleaded with him with my eyes, my face falling with sadness. I didn't mean to, I swear.

Either Jeremy wasn't ready to forgive me, or he didn't seem to think of anything to say, because he just tightened his jaw and looked away.

Then all of the students were heading into the building to take our exams.

Well, that's wonderful, Cressida. I thought to myself as I followed my brother and my friend, ignoring the curious looks from other students. You've messed up big-time. Great job.

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