More Than A Selfish Decision (a Divergent Fanfiction)

More Than A Selfish Decision (a Divergent Fanfiction)

So we all (who've read the books) know how Tris and Four and everybody else got put under the bad simulation serum by Jeanine Matthews and the rest of the Erudite.

But say Jeanine Matthews mysteriously died before the simulation was able to take place? Say a year passes after, and now Erudite has their feet back under them and they want to try again?

This will be the story of how Cressida, along with a few old friends we all know and love, will get through that.

Chapter 3

The Aptitude Test

"Drink this."

I blinked at the small vial of blue liquid that Tori, the Dauntless woman who was going to administer my test, was holding in front of my face.

The past half an hour had been a blur in my mind: waiting with Mariah and my brother, who both ignored me; then Jeremy and I being called up with a few other students with last names starting with "A"; Jeremy giving my hand a quick squeeze before we both went into our separate testing rooms; Tori commenting on how odd it was to see someone from Amity looking angry.

(Apparently she could still see it on my face.)

Now I was sitting in an uncomfortable chair with wires attached to the side of my head and I was being told to drink some strange substance.

I was still on a part-adrenaline rush high from earlier, and I was also scared, nervous, and just plain exhausted.

I wanted to crash and fall asleep and pretend today never happened.

Just do it, Cressida. A voice in the back of my head urged me to move my hand forward, to grab the vial, and down the liquid in one gulp. Get it over with already.

"It's okay to be scared."

My neck snapped back to glare up at my administrator.

Tori was smirking at me and I knew what her look and her words really meant, It's okay to be scared because it's what is expected of you.

My anger flared right back up in the span of a second, my pride wounded.

"I'm not scared." I snapped harshly before snatching the vial out of Tori's hand, tipping the liquid back and sawllowing it down my throat, leaving a bitter and medicine-like after taste in my mouth.

I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to focus on anything other than my nervousness and the disgusting taste in my mouth.


A moment later I re-opened my eyes and found that Tori was gone. the administrators have to leave the room when we take our test?

I shrugged and got up out of the chair I'd been sitting in, walking over towards the wall of mirrors and taking a closer look at my reflection.

Pieces of my hair were beginning to fall out of my braid, and it had a very ruffled rolled-out-of-bed kind of look that made me want to laugh at myself.



I turned around slowly, and it looked like I was looking into another mirror, but it was just another me, like with an actual body and everything.

The chair and table behind her were now gone, and all four walls in the room were now covered in mirrors.

"Choose." The Other Me said again, raising an eyebrow as I frowned.

"What are you talking about? Choose what?" I felt my impatience beginning to rise again.

Other Me rolled her eyes and pointed behind me. "Over there. And hurry up, why don't you?"

I turned my back on Other Me, and saw that I was facing two different pillars, both with bowls on it, one holding a block of cheese, and another holding a knife.


So, I just have to pick one? I thought, slighlty bewildered. What good will cheese do me. I don't think that'll be very useful at all.

So, with a quick shrug of my shoulders, I grabbed the knife by its hilt and held it clenched in my right fist.

Almost as soon as I did that, the cheese, pillars, and bowls disappeared.

I whirled back around, looking for Other Me, but she was nowhere to be seen. There were dozens of Me's in the mirrors, though. I seemed to be everywhere at once, which made everything seem very disconcerting.

My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a growl behind me. Turning back around with dread settling in my stomach, I saw a dog advancing on my slowly, its hackles raised and its rabid gaze fixed on me, a growl emanating from its throat.

Damn, damn, damn, what do I do?

Then it clicked.

Duh. Cress, the knife! The one in your hand!

I figured it out just in time, too, because the next thing I knew, the dog had jumped, its jaws open and aimed for my throat.

Squeezing my eyes shut so that I wouldn't have to look, I brought the knife up, feeling it sink blade first into the animal's chest, even as the weight of the dog knocked me off of my feet.

When I opened my eyes, expecting to see a dying dog, maybe some blood also, I only saw a little puppy where the rabid dog had been, now wagging its tail and looking up at me with love in its gaze.

What does this all mean?


Looking over my shoulder, I saw a young girl in Amity clothing, her long blonde hair swinging down to her waist, grinning in delight at the sight of the puppy.

I smiled halfheartedly, turning to look back at the puppy, but now it had turned back into a rabid dog and was already halfway to the young girl, its jaws open and ready to bite again.

I bit my lip but did not move, turning away from the sight of the young girl beginning to cry in fear.

There's nothing I could to do help her.

The scene changed.

I was now on a bus, and I found myself sitting next to a man reading a newspaper. I couldn't see his face, but I could see the face of a man on the front cover of the newspaper.

It was a picture of a young man, perhaps in his twenties, with wavy blonde hair and a scruffy beard under clear blue eyes, the bluest eyes I'd ever seen.

I wouldn't forget those eyes. There was something in the back of my mind that made me feel like I knew this man. I just couldn't shake it, no matter how hard I tried, and I couldn't remember how I knew him either.

"Do you know who this is?" The man behind the newspaper tapped the picture I'd been looking at, his voice gruff and abrupt.

The headline read "Brutal Murderer Finally Apprehended!"

Wait. I don't know any murderers...there's no way I could know him.

"Well?" The man behind the newspaper sounded angry and impatient. "Do you?"

I shrugged, not committing a yes or a no answer.

The man put his newspaper down, and I saw his face for the first time. All I really saw was a mouth set in a harsh snarl and eyes covered in black sunglasses. "Do you? Well?"

I bit my lip and then nodded slightly, feeling that I should be honest with the man as he seemed extremely desperate. "Yes. He-he looks familiar, but I can't remember from where."

The man's expression became less mean and he nodded. "You told the truth. That is good."

I panicked. Wait, the truth? Does that mean I'm Candor? Damn it, I hope not.

That was the last thing I remembered thinking before everything went black.

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