The Badger and the Lion: One Shot for HayleyFlynn_Rawr

Chapter 1

The Badger and the Lion

"Miss Silver? Are you awake? 'Tis time to board the train to Hogwarts miss!" Rose, my house elf, poked me awake. She hopped from my bed and scurried to the kitchen to cook breakfast. I dressed quickly and hurried after her.
"What's for breakfast today, Rosie?" I called, already smelling the bacon cooking as I walked down the stairs. I made sure all my bags were in order by the door before heading into the kitchen.
"Eggs, toast, and bacon, miss. Would you like orange juice or milk today?" She shook some bacon, a scrambled egg, and toast onto a plate and passed it to me.
"Orange juice please. Say, have you seen Father today?" Right as I said his name, Father walked through the door, some muggle newspaper in hand. You see, he is a muggle, my mom being the witch in the family. Well, besides me that is.
"Good morning Grayce! Morning Rose!" Rose filled his plate with food and passed it to him. He may be strict, but he was never rude.
Soon, it was time to board the train. Mum and dad said good bye, and I boarded the train.
As I was walking to a empty car, I bumped into Seamus. I noticed how he was tanner, no doubt from being in the sun all summer. Unfortunately, he happened to be be with Lavender Brown.
"Oh, hello Seamus, hi Lavender. Did you guys have a good summer?" I asked, being polite. I shifted my weight from foot to foot, hoping they wouldn't notice.
"Oh yeah. Accidentally blew the broom shed up, but other wise stayed out of trouble." Seamus laughed, and stupid Lavender made cow eyes at him.
"Yes, I spent some time with Seamy, so I had a wonderful summer!" Lavender cooed, and I had the sudden urge to strangle her.
"Well, I have to go find a car. I'll see you guys later." I eventually found a empty car and put my luggage away.
A few hours later we arrived at Hogwarts, and after the sorting, feast, and Dumbledore's speech, we were sent off to bed. The next day we began classes, and I had Potions class with Slytherin first period. Perfect.
Turns out Seamus in a couple of my classes, and I was glad one of them was Potions. Maybe he could help me deal with Pansy Parkinson, aka not jinx her into a ferret.
We talked a enough to make us friends over the year, but he was usually with Lavender, so I never was able to actually hang out with him. And the times we did he always brought Lavender along, instantly ruining it. I wondered when he was going to ditch the flower, but he never did.
It hurt to see him with her, like someone was stabbing my heart with a white-hot iron poker, but I kept it to myself. I didn't think Lavender was good enough for him, but I always got mad at myself for thinking so. If he was happy, then I shouldn't be so selfish. He found someone who loves him, and it wasn't me, and I needed to get over him.
I had school to focus on, and NEWTS were coming up. Soon, all my time was taken up by studying with Hermione, and I had no time to think about Seamus or who he was dating or how much it hurt that it wasn't me.


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