The Kinds of Comments That Make Me Cringe

The Kinds of Comments That Make Me Cringe

This is in no way meant to be a nice blog. You’ve been warned; get ready for a good bashing.

Chapter 1

The Kind of Comments That Make Me Cringe

Whether we’re talking about Quibblo, Youtube, Facebook, or whatever, there are quite a few kinds of comments that I just can’t stand whether it’s for my own work or someone else’s, and for whatever smart reason, these comments continue to persist! I feel the need to talk about this. Here’s the list of such comment types:

“I don’t know.”
Oftentimes when I post a question on Quibblo, someone just has to post an “I don’t know” as a response. Well if you don’t know, don’t answer! I’m not forcing you to. When I receive a notification in my inbox, I’m usually expecting an actual answer to my question--something that will help me out with what I’m trying to find. So please everyone, only answer my questions if you know the answers.

First comment crap
These comments are just lame and douchey. Nobody cares if you’re the first, second, last, or whatever-time person to comment; it’s nothing to be proud of, and if it’s a joke, it’s old. Anything that has nothing to do with the work/video your posting your comment on is a meaningless waste of space. You can be the 1st to comment for all we care but if you’re going to say something, say something pertinent!

Grammar Nazis
This should be quite self-explanatory. Like the First Comment Crap, it is often unrelated to the work being commented on. But I won’t say much about this one since people seem to be getting better at reducing these.

Anti-dub remarks
I already talked a (great deal) about it once before but I’ll talk about it again. I get sick and tired of seeing people bashing English dub on anime, especially on an anime video that is in English dub. If you hate the dub so much, you don’t have to watch the video in the first place! Or if someone says he likes the dub or even mentions it once on a subbed video, let him/her be! Most dub haters on Youtube don’t even back their comments with a logical explanation as to why dub sucks. If it’s because the voice acting is poorly done, that really shouldn’t keep you from watching an anime. If you know what the story’s about, if the action and visuals look good enough, if every character says what needs to be said, and you can understand what everyone’s talking about, the show’s fine as it is regardless of what language. Sure, even I have caught so glaring mistakes in the English script but that doesn’t make the anime less enjoyable! I’m watching and hearing my favorite series in a language I understand and I’m comfortable with that!

Pun jokes and “See what I did there?”
Okay, I’ll be slightly more lenient on this one since it is a matter of different people’s tastes. But it still makes me cringe. Pun jokes range from the stupidest, corniest, and most obvious to a few that are actually good, but most are still shallow as hell. What I do find atrocious is the “See what I did there?” Don’t you just hate it when people pretend to be clever about something unimpressive OR ruin their own joke when it’s actually good? I could settle for just a clever pun but the “See what I did there?” BS is so unnecessary and even worse, it gives away the joke and makes it more shallow and predictable! In order for a joke to be smart, it has to be subtle enough to test either a person’s knowledge or mental flexibility.

“See what I did there?”

Yes! You did not to ask!


No, but I can figure it out myself, babysitter!

So far, I think the only person who actually knows how to make a good pun work is Ryan Higa (or NigaHiga). Although some of his puns are obvious, he let’s it slide completely knowing full well that everyone will get it--it just goes without explaining!

Comments that insist on what’s incorrect
There are people who just can’t accept the truth about certain things, such as the (Bleach: Espada rankings). Whether it’s on something as small as a fictional detail or in a real life discussion, whenever somebody insists on stating the false statement, it just gets on my nerves. Why won’t you just accept the truth? If the truth just doesn’t suit you, what are you still doing in reality? I’m sorry if this sounds harsh, but I find denial and ignorance intolerable. Don’t get me wrong. I’m cool if somebody admits he/she’s wrong when he/she is.

I know, everyone’s free to comment however they like (just as I’m free to delete it if it’s one of the above), but all I’m suggesting is: be smart, alright guys? A comment is meant to be related to the video, should not discourage others from viewing what they like, and is supposed to be valid.


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