In another Life~~~

In another Life~~~

This is a story about a girl named Catte (pronounced catt-i-eh)
One day she gets murdered, and she comes back to life. Soon she realizes what powers she has, and she keeps dying and coming back. Is she immortal, and will she ever die? Plz comment muahaha

Chapter 1

{Part One.}

{Part I}
The cold wind was blowing with such a forceful speed it would have chilled anyone foolish enough to venture

out into The Outside. The night was darker then normal for a May night. Only two people were out in this bleak

atmosphere. With a expression that would make one shiver in July, and a

heart more callous and frozen then the coldest region of Antarctica, A dark figure glided through Westwood Field.

The figure stalled only to glance at a watch on her pale thin wrist, before entering a house. A house would be a

understatement, it was more of a dilapidated mansion, faintly lit by a wavering light. Upon entering, the dark

figure made some reservations to stay a night. It was too late to carry out whatever "business" had to be done.

It would be finished in the coming day. Turning to go up to the designated room, something slipped out of the figures garment. The clerk bent over to help pick the fallen object up, and suddenly caught sight of what it was.
With trembling hands, and a dead white face, She looked up at the figures face for the first time. Piercing ice blue eyes, pale face, blacker than black hair. The clerk let out a scream of anguished suprise, fear, and horror.
The object fell from her hands with a clatter. A glint of metal was reflected. The figure who we shall now call Catte let out a faint whisper that would chill the bravest heart, "Suprised to see me?".
The clerk whispered, "Bloody Bloody Hell." and blacked out.. Catte laid her on the sofa, and went up to her room after picking up the object which was revealed as a........ FIND OUT IN PART II.


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