The Monster Inside

The Monster Inside

This story is about depression. Enjoy

Chapter 1

Thoughts hurt more than words

I get up everyday.
I try not to look at myself in the mirror but have to to make sure I'm suitable to go to school.
"Morning mom." I mumble as I grab a glass of water.
" Morning gorgeous. Want a ride to school?"
"Eh. I'll walk."
I'd rather walk alone then ride in the car with my mom telling me how proud of me she is and that I'm a handsome boy. It's all bullsh*t.
Why doesn't she see what I do?
I walk to school noticing nothing.
"ANDREW!!!!!!" Screams a girl.
"What's up" I mumble as I walk past her.
"OMG you can't believe it... And yes it was so fun... Would she ever stop.... Yasss....omg to cute..." She rambled on and I only caught a few parts of what she said.
The bell rang an everyone started walking into the old building.
Time for prison I thought I myself chuckling

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