The Sirens Song

A long time ago, a princess was taken by sirens. When she returned, everything was different about her. And now she would like her sister to join her . . .

Chapter 1


by: vamp56432
I was walking by the ocean. It had been months since my sister, Princess Demitra, had gone missing. I still remember the day she went missing . . .

"Mila, you just don't understand." Demitra had said to me on an August day. "Sirens are immortal, alluring,"
"You would be vain and dangerous, killing any man who came to you." I argued. "You cannot join them. You shall not drink that potion. What would Mum say?"
"Mum is dead. If I join them, I could never get the sickness. I would be free to do as I please, to sing freely without a choir book or a tutor."
"Demitra," I said,
"No. Mila, I understand you don't want me to leave, but I will come back."
"Its too dangerous! You know how the hunters are! They could kill you!"
"Not a siren." Demitra eyed me. "Look, this is my decision. I'm sorry if you don't approve." She took a flask out of her satchel.
"Demitra, don't!" I warned her.
"I must." She whispered, then uncapped it. "I will be one with earth, one with sea, one with air, one with fire,"
"Demitra, please." I begged. Tears came out of my eyes. "Don't!"
Demitra took the flask, and put it to her lips. She drank.
There was a burst of bright light, and she changed into a beautiful siren, with a green tail.
"I'm earth. I'll come visit." She swiore. Demitra dove off the rock, and stripped down to her bra.
"Demitra!" I screamed. "No!"

But it had been too late. She left the flask behind. I kept it for her, and she swam off.

Now, it is a cold fall day. Too cold to wade, but taking walks near the ocean helps me feel close to Demitra. I sit on a rock, and dangle my feet.
All of a sudden, something tugs my feet. I fall into the water.
"Aah!" I cried. A beautiful siren swam near me, as I gasped for air. She was tall and had red hair and freckles, and her ears resembled an elves.
"Is it safe for me to return?" She asked me.
"Who are you?" I asked, spitting out water, and climbing back onto the rock.
"Mila, its me." She said. "Your sister."
"Demitra? Thats you? What happened to your hair?" I demanded.
"Its me." She giggled. "And I got tired of boring old blonde. The sirens helped me dye it. Isn't it marvelous? They also gave me the freckles. Nothing else changed, though."
"Oh my god. I just can't believe its you! I thought the sirens migrated already." I smiled.
"We stayed behind. For you." Demitra giggled.
"What do you mean?" I asked.
"I miss you much. Please, come with us. Tonight. Being a siren is so much fun." Demitra said. "I'm even a senior earth siren. See my crown?" Her crown was thin, made of a gold, like a circlet, and where it touched her forehead, a green jewel dangled from her head.
"You want me to . . ."
"Be a siren. Yes," Demitra finished. "There aren't very many rules. We're all free like fish!" She picked a glass bottle from her satchel, with a paper in it. "This is the recipe for the potion. Shouldn't be too hard."
I took the cork off the bottle, and took out the paper. I read the ingredients.

Oceans water
Sirens scale
Kie's jewel dust

"Demitra, you know that I can't just grind Dads jewels." I told her. "They are a symbol of his power."
"And stupidity. He spends his money on those, not the town or anything. He has thousands. He won't notice."
"Demitra, I just don't know." I cried. "I'm engaged!"
"You, you are? To whom?"
"Prince Gordon." I sighed. "That nut head."
"You know what your name means?" Demitra asked. "It means dear and gracious. It means peoples favor. This is what you'd be if you were a siren. Think. Get back to me soon. Make a decision." Then Demitra swam away.


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