Life Repost ♥

Chapter 1

What if while breathing life is hallucinations, thats why when we stop we black out 0.0


Your enemy: Kendal, Mikalia ( however you spell it ), the science teacher, Cody, uh... oh and Josh

Your crush: Ryan ♥ ♥ ♥

Your best friend: For me its best friendS ( plural ), Tiffany, Ali, Emily, Ariel, Tyler, Emma, McKenna, Sam

The person that you go to for advice: A therapist
I'm the one that usually gives the advice, what can I say? I rarely need advice anyway

The person that you're jealous of: The guy that invented Snapple Tea

Most popular person: Jordan, funny but soooooo stupid -_-

Most annoying person: Cody, def Cody

Person you have ALOT of THINGS to say to: Ryan ♥ that bastard... ♥

Things you would say to that person: heh.. heh.. not on here

Things you would say to your crush: "WHY ARE YOU SO DAMN CUTE?!?!?! " and " My God you have the cutest eyes I have ever seen, your so athletic, and your laugh is soooooo handsome..... and you have a really cute butt... "

Person you pretend you like but you really dislike: Michael


How late do you usually go to sleep on school nights: 12:05 A.M or slightly later

Weekend nights: Who said I go to sleep? :3

Favorite TV show: Amazing Race or Survivor

Favorite things to do during the week: Soccer, Hang with friends, talk, text, talk, soccer practice, I love talking too...

Favorite thing to do during the weekend: Text, Hang, go places, plot revenge, the usual :P


Your best friend: Look somewhere above, not typing them again

Something you would say to your friend: OH MY GOD LOOK AT THAT YOUNG WHIPERSNAPPER!!! XD XD XD

One thing you don't like about your friend: One of them spreads lies about me every now and then

Something you love about them: Their hilarious

Your nickname from them: Hobbles, Gimp, Crutches ( those 3 are most recent), Noodles, " O ", Oli, Floobi, Shrimp, Insane, Ramen ( noodles ), b--ch ♥, dips--t ♥, and a bunch more! :D



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