Divergent Group Story Signups! (authors chosen!)

Chapter 1


When Tris is training to be Dauntless, we hear all about her experience and also a fair amount of Tobias/Four's training. What about the year in between. Four teens, two boys and two girls, train in this period. Each are transfers from a different faction and joint together in Dauntless. As time passes, they develop strong friendships that are not easily broken. They also create a different kind of relationship with other of a different gender. As they travel through the difficult period of being a teenager, they create bonds, train, and learn who they are and what their job in life is to do. They must climb out of potholes to finally reach the end of the road.

Anyone interested? Here is the character template:

Name: (include meaning)
Original Faction:
Chosen Faction:
Love Interest:

Name: Eva (life) Isabella (God's promise) Ryder
Nickname(s): Evie
Family: Parents: Talia and Andrew. Older brother Daniel in Candor
Friends: Other authors, Tobias, Tris (families know each other), Uriah, Marlene, Lynn, Zeke, Shauna
Original Faction: Abnegation
Chosen Faction: Dauntless
Age: 16
Appearance: wavy brown hair, slightly tanned skin, bright blue eyes, freckles sprinkled across nose, narrow shoulders, small feet, thin nose, full lips, great smile, straight posture, sort of a bouncy way of walking
Personality: tries really hard to please everyone, can be extremely fierce, stubborn, kind, tries to be selfless, brave, shy at times, sarcastic, very loyal, great friend, a strong defender of what she believes in, doesn't go down without a fight, strong opinion, respectful
Love Interest: Matthew Elburn (boy from Erudite in training)
Other: She is found to be Divergent and while like Tris, she doesn't possess a visible talent physically, she comes out top in her fear ranking. She sings very beautifully and often needs time alone away from everybody

I hope people sign up :)

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