Apology for Larissa + IMPORTANT NEWS!!!


Chapter 1


by: Amaysie
I read this comment by ChildofGOD_13 on RainbowZebra122's question "Will you join my army against the cyberbully?":

"Woah "army"?? I understand you guys want to support angel, but "going to war" is borderline bullying that girl as well. Just because she made a mistake, just because she does it doesnt mean its right for you to say these things... quibblo is a friendly website. Its no place for a "war". No matter how noble the intentions may be... Seriously. I mean id hate for you to get in trouble as well... you know??"

And i realized she was right. By saying all those rude things to her and calling her names we were cyberbullying her too. I KNOW SHE DESERVED IT! She really did. But..it just feels wrong. You probably know that i'm a brony (pegasister). And in the brony community we have one important rule. "Love and tolerance". It means fighting hate with friendship. Accepting respecting loving and tolerating other people's opinions. I know Larissa's "opinions" wasn't opinions but insults. But still we can't keep spamming her with rude comments all the time...she did the same right? NOW FOR SOME IMPORTANT NEWS: Larissa has either been banned from Quibblo or deleted her account! :O About an hour ago i send Quibblo a message about her. I don't know if that's the case but...she's gone :I No more need to fight...

So from now on let's all promise something. Whether you are a brony or not: If someone ever cyberbullies again or just insults someone let's not go all "flamewar". Instead let's just talk to them and convince them to stop. Let them know what they do and why it's so wrong and why they have to stop. I'm not asking you to all buddy buddy with the bullies. Just...stop the hate please. I know Larissa isn't reading this (DUH) but i still want to apologise for the things i said. What she did was wrong and she deserved it more than anything. But it wasn't right for me to say it. I hope you all agree :(


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