Chapter 1


It started with a few little cuts,
And it ended in her death.
No excuse when a person puts,
A fellow being to death.
She said it felt as though her leg was on fire,
As though her mind was broken beyond repair.
Her last words were, 'It's Avril I desire',
I was frantic, running, everyone came to stop and stare.
Silly, silly Alex, watching her lie there dying,
Stupid, stupid Alex, so selfish while he was crying.
I'm sorry, sorry Cara, I could've saved you,
I'm awful, awful Cara, my fault you went too.
The infection was a beautiful tragic thing,
It attracted my attention, more than a diamond ring.
Self destruction, we're out of luck,
All this time, I'd had enough.
Chained to the walls, for several weeks,
Remembering home, the roofs leaks.
Cara, I will do you proud I swear,
Cara, I will remember you like you are there.


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