Boy For The Night

Chapter 1

Boy For The Night

I can be your boy for the night,
I can be your guy, make it alright,
I can be your life, just tonight,
I can be your lover, hold on tight.

You can be my girl for life,
You can be my friend or be my wife,
You can be my sadness, pick up that knife,
You can be a listener, help me with this strife.

She can be the third wheel,
She can live in my head, not real,
She can interfere, while you kneel,
She can love you, when I take the devils deal.

He can be a saint,
Marching in blue paint,
He can be so faint,
Looking for someone to taint.

We can be best friends,
Until the friendship ends,
No matter what my father sends,
I'm happy, I'll pretend.


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