Group Story Idea + Sign Ups (Read Chapter 3 Please)

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Chapter 3

Characters/Writers Chosen!

Writers: myself, pinkyfreckles, NiallsWifey, IHAVEANEGGBABY, PhoenixSong114, and TheSpecter


Name: Weslee Lynn Rose
Nickname: N/A
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: shoulder length wavy dark auburn hair that's often up, cloudy grey eyes with specs of blue, fair skin with freckles splattering her nose, has a light red birthmark visible on the left side of her face, 5'3.5 and 125 lbs (so slightly below average height with an average weight), has at least a half smile always on her face even if it doesn't match the emotions in her eyes, small upturned nose.
Personality: kind, considerate, reliable, cooperative, approachable, quiet, clumsy, selfless, humble, sensitive, unorganized, despite a calm demeanor: anxious and sometimes paranoid, has troubles saying no, and at times reluctant.
Family Background: born into a family with three older brothers and both parents still alive. Her dad was part of one of the rebel groups fighting for a better life so he could give his family something that his dad never gave him. He ended up dying in one of the massive bloodsheds just after her second younger sister was born. Her mom and three brothers after her father's death picked up the duties and continued to follow his memories in inspiration for a greater tomorrow.
Love Interest: Dakota Rainer
Other Information: Her dad was her best friend and so when he died, she promised herself that she would make him proud and she knew just how to do that by the lessons he taught he while he was alive. She loves to help others and listen to them if they need to talk. Her favorite pastime is to cook with her closest brother (he owns a bakery and is only 19) and volunteer. Her fears include: fire, losing more loved ones, not being able to make her family proud, suffocation, heights, the dark, deep waters, and pain. Lastly, she keeps a journal that she writes in every day so her emotions can be in control and her brain can relax instead of bottling everything up and letting her feelings get in the way of helping others.

Name: Dakota Rainer
Nickname: Kota
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance: shaggy black hair with icy blue streaks; DARK brown eyes; pale complexion; slight dusting of freckles on nose and cheekbones; short (5'6); a tad bit muscular but not enough to make girls swoon; has a slight stubble on his chin; always wears blues or blacks
Personality: introvert; he prefers to be alone most of the time and will often pass up help because of this; he falls in love easily but has had bad luck with love and tends to push away anyone he falls in love with; he does not open up easily, but once he has opened up to someone, he feels indebted to them for life; he is very loyal and protective to all of his friends; does not talk much
Family background: He lives with only his father because his parents split up when he was young. All his life has been spent with his father preparing him to attend the academy (part of the reason he is an introvert). Now that he is attending the academy, he is ready to prove to his father that he has what it takes to become a leader
Division: Horom
Love interest: Weslee Lynn Rose
Other information: is quiet when you first meet him; but gets loud and fun to be with once you get to know him

Name: Silva Ellia Lidrick
Nickname: Sil
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Appearance: long dark brown hair that forms loose curls and often gets in her face, pale skin, angled and dark eyebrows, light brown(almost gold) eyes, freckled, slightly muscular, 5'5
Personality: calm and level-headed, pretty at ease unless you threaten someone she cares about.
Family Background: Her parents are still together but they argue all the time, which terrifies her and her sister, Mirra(12). She's Mirra's motherly figure when her parents fight and it's very easy for her to calm people down.
Division: Gracil
Love Interest: Jayce Lucas Dawson
Other Information: Her greatest weakness is hiding her own feelings until she finally snaps and panicks. Her fear of loud noises and thunderstorms are the only thing that affect her abilities to stay level-headed.

Name: Foster Maddox Greenwood
Nickname: Whatever everyone starts to call him
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: Foster is a little below average height, about 5 foot, 6 inches. He not scrawny, but doesn't have a ton of muscle either. He is naturally tan. He has brown curly hair that is always in his face, as he never combs it and it tends to look messy. He has piercing blue/grey eyes, though you don't see them, between his hair and his habit of staring off into space. He has a very angular
face, with a pointed and slightly crooked nose. (He fell off his bike). He is overall handsome, but not drop-dead gorgeous.
Personality: Foster is very quiet and reserved. He is not quite accustomed to social situations, and can be very blunt. He will answer any question you ask and never holds anything back, even when he should. He is very trusting and loves people in general, always looking to see the best in people. When he was in school, the teachers recognized his brilliance, though he failed almost every test. Because although he didn't flourish in Math and Science, he had a knack for reading, writing, and art. Art was the one thing he was known for, the thing that kept him from completely sinking in to the world of a wallflower. He sees the beauty in everything and loves everything colorful and unique. He believes in peace and love for everyone.
Family Background: His mom was one of the terrible, power-hungry leaders that ruined everything. She had Foster before her career got started, when she was merely 19, and after that she always resented him. She ignored and neglected him at all times, pretended to the people that he didn't exist, though she usually wasn't even home. As for his dad, he was a very quiet man, who took his wife's abuse. He loved Foster when no one else did, even when he had a funny way of showing it. When Foster was only 13, his dad could no longer take his mothers torment, and he committed suicide. Not long after, Foster ran away from home.
Division: Lorem
Love Interest: Constance Johanna Abernathy

Name: Constance Johanna Abernathy
Nickname: Connie
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Appearance: Smooth white-blonde hair that she keeps in a bun, dark brown eyes with thick brown eyebrows, a slightly hooked nose, pale skin, almost circular face with a rounded chin and dark lips, 5'5" and 114lbs, dainty small hands and feet
Personality: Intelligent, calm, tries not let her heart speak her thoughts for her (prefers to act as if she does not feel any emotion), does not believe in sacrifice, loves reading and often daydreams about what she could do to make the world a better place, slightly conceited and very proud, stubborn, hates being wrong, trusts others too easily
Family Backround: She has one sister who is two years younger named Fran and her father. Her mom died when Fran was born, and her father has been rather quiet since then. He used to be part of the rebellion, but realized he had to take care of his girls first, so he gave up. He pretends now that the rebellion never occurred to avoid remembering quitting. Fran looks up to Connie and the latter loves her sister more than anything.
Division: Sagacit
Love Interest: Foster Maddox Greenwood , she won't reveal feelings for them for a while though
Other: She is secretly fearful of her family dying, being mocked, enclosed spaces (her worst fear: she will hyperventilate if it is even mentioned), large spiders, thunderstorms (more of a childish fear that she hasn't gotten over fully), and fire. She acts kind and loving to only her sister; to everyone else she is cold and emotionless. She is angry with her father for giving up on the rebellion and furthermore for acting as if he had never been part of it. She longs for more knowledge constantly, which is why she reads so much

Name: Jayce Lucas Dawson
Nickname: None
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: short black hair, dark eyes, tan skin, wears dark clothes and hood, scars on chest, arms, back and face, 5'7", 150 lbs, dense muscle, strong athlete
Personality: Very quiet, rarely speaks and prefers to let his actions be his words. His mother was killed in the crossfire of a battle between rebels and the government and he was raised by his father. His father held bitter resentment toward both the rebels and the government and took it out on Jayce, beating and hurting him constantly. When he heard about P.A.T.H. he left home (two months ago) and went to stay with his uncle (father's brother), who took care of him then and sheltered him from his father. Jayce has internalized the way his father treated him and doesn't talk about it, ever. He has taken it upon himself to ensure others are not mistreated or wronged by others. Has made some friends and remains somewhat social despite his background.
Division: Virum
Love Interest: Silva Ellia Lidrick
Other Information: Has always been renowned for his bravery and loyalty to his friends and uncle. Will always stand up for people who cannot defend themselves. Has been known to be somewhat reckless and tends to act impulsively

Characters who have been chosen! Please message me if you have a.) title ideas b.) event ideas and c.) who you want your love interest to be. Once I have all the information between those three things, we can officially start the story. Thank you for your patience

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