Rant book

Inspired by: Basically everyone! :3

Chapter 1


by: Amaysie
You probably saw this comming sigh. For those who don't know a "Weeaboo" or "Japanophile" is a person (mostly female and NOT japanese) that is a...well..Japanophile. The name explains everything right? They usually use Japanese words such as "Kawaii" and "Desu" in non-japanese sentences. They can also be HUGE anime and manga fans (Aka: Extreme Otakus). They also cosplay...DAILY. Now Otakus and Weeaboos aren't the same thing at all. I can enjoy both Anime and Manga AND Cosplay and Japanese cultures (which i do) without being a weeaboo. I never use Japanese words without a reason. I only cosplay at conventions. I only watch like 2 episodes of Shugo Chara or Clannad every weekend. I don't follow a lot of anime's at the same time. Right now i'm following Shugo Chara and rewatching Clannad. I don't own any Mangas but i enjoy reading them SOMETIMES (i'm not a big fan of reading). I really like Japanese cultures because it's fun to know how different they are from us. I think they are interesting and i'd love to know more about them but I DON'T FREAK OUT OVER EVERYTHING JAPANESE!!!

In short: Weeaboos are just annoying.

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