Sorry I haven't been doing anything lately! (Only read if you take my quizzes/stories)

I just thought to say why incase anyone was wondering.

Chapter 1

Derp. School sucks.

The reason I haven't made any stories/quizzes etc, is mainly because of school. Another reason is because I'm going to DC in a week on a field trip, so I might not be able to make anything in a while still. Once in a while, I have been working on a original story however, and it should be done fairly soon. (And by 'done', I mean I'll have the first page and prologue) Sorry again if this is any inconvenience of some sort. I'm not abandoning Quibblo, I've just not been able to do much. I am still taking a few stories and quizzes, but not as much as I like. So yeah, incase anyone was wondering, there's why.

Thanks for being curious/caring enough to read~


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