Divergent Group Story Signups

I have seen a lot of group stories and I've picked up a few helpful tips so I thought I'd try one of my own. Look below for details. :)

Chapter 1

Group Story Signups

This is a Divergent fanfiction. It takes place after Allegiant. The Bureau of Genetic Welfare has recovered a cure to the memory serum and now all of them have regrouped and are preparing for war against the genetically damaged. The genetically pure who sympathize with the damaged and the genetically damaged must rally together and fight for what they believe in. The Bureau has a lot of power, but the other side has Tobias. No other words are necessary. Kidding.

Anyway this story is going to be about preparing for war and the war itself. I will be accepting two other people of any gender. These teenagers go through grief, hunger, cold, but also friendship, love, laughter, and fun. It is not only a battle against the Bureau but also a battle against themselves.

I think that's all, so here's the character page:

Nickname: (optional)
Original Faction:
Chosen Faction:
Love Interest:

Name: Tessa Borax
Nickname: Tess
Original Faction: Erudite
Chosen Faction: Dauntless
Divergent?: Yes
Family: Parents: Ella and Adam older brother: Liam
Friends: Tobias, Tris (before she died), Uriah (before he died), Marlene (before she died), Lynn (before she died), Will (before he died), Christina, Cara, Al (before he died), other characters
Age: 17
Appearance: straight dirty blonde hair down to mid-back, large sea green eyes, freckles across nose, slightly pale skin, thin nose, petite, average weight for her height, slightly shorter than average
Personality: funny, brave, strong (emotionally), sarcastic, loyal, optimistic, friendly, very stubborn, gets mad easily, strong opinion, loving
Love Interest: Isaac Crowley (genetically damaged boy in the city)
Other: nothing really

Sign up if you wish too! I can't wait to see the characters


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