Cato and Peeta-Forbidden Cross Star Lovers.

I've been thinking about shipping these two... X3
I was going to give them a cute name like Clato, but it wouldn't be so... well... cute. Written in Peeta's point of view. I don't hate Clove!! Peeta does. P.s, yes. This story is about two boys in love, so if you don't like that sort of thing, this story might not be you you.

Chapter 1

Forbidden love...

I wake up on a rocky like pathway. Where am I? I remember nothing of yesterday, and I am almost dead. I try to stand up, but something is clinging to me. My head turns. Cato! His sword lay besides him. He's sleeping peacefully next to me. I try to make him let go. He awakens and rubs his eyes. "You fainted last night." He says. "What happened?" I say. "You tripped. It was nothing." He rolls over and taps Marvel. "What time is it?" Marvel looks at his watch. "Way too early." Marvel rolls back and shuts his eyes. "I'm awake for good." Says Cato. "Are you?" I nod my head, even though I'm not. Cato looks around. He sees that Clove is awake, sharpening her arrows as always... oh how I hate her.
"Wanna go hunting Clove?" Cato asks softly.
"No you butt." Clove says. "I'm sharpening my knives." Cato looks famished. "Clove your knives are very sharp and-" Clove slaps him very hard on the face. "No! I said I'm busy!" Cato rubs his face. Some tears fall.
"Wanna go hunting with me?" Cato whispers. I nod. We strip off our shoes and run across the the wet grass. The raindrops tickle my bare feet, and I can't help but laugh. Cato smiles and joins in. we can fight them off, we can have fun in the games. I make the rules now.

After hours of hunting, Cato and I rest on a stump. We both put down our food. This is enough to last a year.
We eat some rabbit and chat for a while.
"Who's our biggest enemy?" I say. Cato grunts. "Ms.Girl On Fire." He says in a high pitched voice. I have the worst flashback of my life.
Before I said I was in love with Katniss, Cato and I were chatting. He's so nice. Even his speech....
Anyways, while we were chatting, we gained trust with each other. I had realized...
I love him.
I don't know if he feels the same way, but something inside of me....hurts really badly.
When I said I loved Katniss, I saw Cato stare at me in awe. After that, he didn't talk to me at all....
I have something I need to say to him. I need to say it before I die and I don't die in peace.
"Cato?" I say with a croak in my voice.
"Yeah?" Cato says.
"Well, um, what I said about Katniss isn't true. Um, there is someone else." Cato looks confused.
"Who?" He says in a whisper, looking gloomy.
I must tell him. A little voice comes out. "You..."
Cato looks at me. He hugs me and whispers, "So do I."
We see the others running. I hope they didn't see that. We pretend that we thought there was a bug on Cato.
Clove come over and pushes me off the stump, waving her knife in my face. "Hugging Cato, lover boy?" She says in her annoying 15-year-old voice. "You scared?" Cato screams at Clove.
"Don't make me kill you this early in the games!" He shouts. Clove throws me by a tree. Then I hear a scream. Clove? No....Glimmer, the girl from one? No.... Mia, the girl from four? Couldn't be....Katniss! The Careers turn to the tree. "Get her, Cato!" Glimmer screams. Cato climbs up the tree with one of his knives. I remember what I said in that interview. Cross star lovers... This is the only thing that will keep me alive.
"Oh forget it. She'll fall and die on her own. If not, we'll kill her tomorrow morning." The others stare at me.
"Good idea, Peeta." Cato. All except Clove nod. "Oh come on," She says in her
annoying voice. "That's so stupid. She will run away while we're asleep."
Cato looks at her. "Then you'll have to keep watch." He snaps.
Clove looks at him. "I'm not going on board with lover boy's stupid idea! Cato, she's a smart girl, and I want to kill her!"
"Then do what you want!" Cato pushes her over.
"Guys, guys!" Marvel says. "They can hear us.
We all look over. We see a boy standing there, shaking with a spear in his hand.
Clove gets up and throws a knife at him. Before we know it, a cannon goes off.

It grows dark, and the anthem plays. The girls are sitting next to each other. The boy that Clove had killed appears. "I killed him!" Laughs Clove. Marvel, Cato, and I are setting up our sleeping bags.
"I'll take watch." Marvel says. Marvel looks at his shiny, gold, hypnotizing, lovely watch. I wonder where he got it from...I would really like to have one of my own...
Never mind that! I need to be focusing on the games.
"Go to sleep girls!" Cato yells. "Marvel is taking first watch!"
Marvel crosses his legs and grips his spear.
I get into my sleeping bag, letting the night carry me, letting all my thoughts turn into a dream, I doze off into the night.
I dream of my mother, Alice, yelling at me once again. "You burnt the bread!"
She was such a beautiful woman, until she lost an argument with my father. The anger in his face, the sadness in his, it was the worst day of my life.
"You don't love me!" I hear my mother cry out.
"You're right!" My father screams. "There's yet another!"
My mom's face swells. "Who?" She screams at him.
"Mrs. Everdeen!" My father storms out of the house, and slowly the dream fades away.

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