this is only a prologue, tell me what you think and I might consider actually starting this book :)

Chapter 1


This was ridiculous, he was giving the wrong orders! As the fire started to spread, he commanded our unit to withdraw and debrief, because the mission was compromised. It wasn't though, we still had a troop in there, and I knew that she was still alive! We couldn't just leave her, she would do the same for me if she had the choice. "Drake! What are you doing?! I said you need to get out of there! You're gonna get killed in that fire!" My commander yelled over my transmitter. "We still have someone in there sir, we can't leave her!" I replied, holding my earpiece to block out the droning of the alarm.

"She is gone, Drake, face it! You can't save her, now get the hell out of there!" He said, louder. "Drake?! DRA-" I turned off the transmitter, I didn't want to hear anymore. I sighed, switched down my visor, and walked into the blaze slowly. My temperature gauge was skyrocketing, the fire would soon burn through my jumpsuit and I would die, but I still had to find her. "Bianca?!" I shouted, but no response. As I pressed on through the inferno, a piece of scaffolding cascaded in front of the doorway, which made me trapped in the fire with no visible way out. "BIANCA!" As the flames got hotter and hotter, my visor started to glow a light red, it was melting. I looked around helplessly, realizing my mistake in going through here, but then, I saw a body lying just a few feet away...wearing the same type of suit as mine..."Bianca..." I said, then my visor screen showed a rotating green pentagon, and it hovered over the body. It then showed a single word, that made my heart drop..."Friendly". I grasped her hand, then she slowly moved her hand around mine...grasping it weakly, so she was still alive! With joy, I lifted her up and tossed her over my shoulder. I turned my eyes to the fallen scaffolding that blocked me in, then with a yell, I charged towards it with full speed. I broke through it, sending ashes and embers all over the interior of the hallway. Suddenly, a face appeared on my screen, it was my unit officer "Drake, I'm sorry...but we have to do this" he said, with no emotion. "Wait, do what?!" The figure quickly turned it's view, and now I saw the asteroid I was currently on, through the window on the bridge of the Stardust. I can't believe it, they were on the ship already? But wait...what were they doing...? "Drake..." He continued, as the Plasma Cannons started to glow brilliantly. "Wait stop, NO!" I pleaded, but I was already running through the halls. "...goodbye, Drake" he finished, and then a barrage of superheated plasma went flying towards the outpost. "NOOOOOO!!!" I managed to say, before the plasma barrage made contact


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