noun informal
a mad or foolish person

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Chapter 1

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sometimes i'm sure i'm a complete nutcase
with every foolish word i say
i'm an idiot, i shιt you not
i'm as loopy as fruit loops and as week as a parfait

i'm a mad version of a human
who is slowly going insane
i'm also beginning to think
i'm becoming inhumane

the professionals say i'm fine
and i'm just a normal girl
but the thought of being normal
makes me want to hurl

i don't want to be a martyr
i don't want a felo-de-se
i'm insane not suicidal
you understand me?

those voices
the shadows
they engulf me as i type
from my head to my toes

they urge me to do things
yet i'm stopped by something
that something is my miracle
to hope it helps me cling

i'm a nutcase
i'm insane and mad
but i don't mind
because being inhumane isn't that bad


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