I'd Like To Apologize

I am sorry.

Chapter 1

An Apology

I have had many friends on this site. I've gained, I've loved, I've lost. I do not regret anything I've said to these friends before I left, nor do I regret leaving quibblo when I did. What I do regret, however, was leaving all of these wonderful friends behind with no way of ever contacting them again.

I have gone through what was left of the archives of my old profile, and its made me rather sad. I've gone through all the old messages and friend requests, even looking up some profiles, only to see they've been long since gone.

So, I would like to say sorry to all those that I've hurt. I'm sorry I never replied, never kept my promises, always had an excuse. I'm sorry I wasn't a good friend too any of you, and I hope you can forgive me.

I've made a list of everyone that showed me friendship on this website. I love you all. I'm sorry I left. I'm sorry I never said goodbye to you.
(In no particular order:)


These people, these wonderful beings were the ones who were always helping and supporting me. I think of them almost every day. I will always treasure their friendship, and I will never forget them.


Almost every profile I've mentioned here is either abandoned or completely gone. It pains me to know that almost everyone I've known will never know how important that were to me... sigh I wish I was better with words, maybe then I could convey my feelings better. I hope someone who reads this knows what I'm talking about, and I hope that my friends read this someday, too...

I'm going to go now. I'm not sure what I planned on doing by writing this. Sorry to anyone who was confused by this, and I'm truly sorry to everyone who wasn't.



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