Dopest Masterminds

Authors: Whisper D. and Toby C.

Chapter 1


Whisper: I'm not really sure how this'll all make any sort of sense, but my best friend whom I live with, Toby, and I have decided to write this together. You see, we share this account now, as of 5/16/2014 at least. I think it's going to be really interesting and fun, there's always something new happening at our house.

Toby: (Looking over my shoulder and now singing) There's always something happening, and it's usually quite loud! Our house, in the middle of our street!

Whisper: Okay, bad choice of words, there. Anywho, before this gets outta hand, this story will be for the most part, nonfiction. We'll take turns writing about things we've done together, or even just put up some funny conversations. So, hopefully you'll like it. If you like mildly random things, this should be a good one for you. It'll probably help you get to know us better.

And now that Toby's mocking my professionalism in this from across the room, I think I should wrap this up and go give him a bloody nose. ;3

P.S., most people involved in these stories will be us and our small group of friends. That consists of me (Whisper), Toby, Ian, Missy, Greta, and sometimes Serena, CJ, Ami, and Anthony. We might even include some quibblo friends sometimes.

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