Writing Diary~~~

Hello! Welcome to my writing diary! I write ideas in here. :3

Chapter 1

The siren of the seas.

"Bayle, Bayle!" The sailors are singing their favorite song. "Bayle, Bayle, in the end you did me wrong!"
I listen to their song. That song is about my sister, Bayle. She was the top siren. She had to do it for a mean old man. He wanted all the sailors gone, one way or another.
The man payed her to sing a siren's song, making men come to her. Then, she would jump off her rock, and make the poor men crash.
If she didn't do this every day, the man told her that her faith was as same as all the poor sailors.
One day, when I was only a girl, Bayle had fallen in love with a sailor. His name was Jack Regin. He had long, black hair and eyes as blue as the seas.
One day, Bayle refused to lure the ship he was in, and the next day, she never came home.
Now I am the siren of the seas, and I have to lure all these men in. I started when I was only ten. The day my sister died, I took over. No questions asked by me, nor the man. The worst thing, I had to lure Jack's ship.
I examine the ship. White with blue stripes. The S.S Whaley. What a name for a ship! I turn to the man with legs, watching me from the sand, nodding at me. I know what this means, I know it's time for me to lure this ship. I cough. My purple and green tail sparkles in the sunlight. I've been doing this for nine years, and every time I cry.
I begin my siren's song. "Ah ahh ah ah ah ahhh!" The S.S Whaley comes to my ship.
"Ah ahh ah ah ah ahh!"
The ship is two feet away. I need to sing one more note, then I can jump off this rock.
"Ah ahh ah ah ah ahh!"
I jump off the rock and hide behind it. Men float. I lift my head, only to see the S.S Whaley sinking.
I cover my mouth and begin to cry. Why must I do this?
I swim to land, only to find the man laughing.
"Why are you laughing?" I say with tears in my eyes. "This is sad."
The old man places money in my hand then walks away. I hate him so much. I can only hope no ships come tomorrow.

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