A poem for my sister.

A poem for my sister.

I wrote this poem for my sister for her christening. I cried when i read it out because It really got to me. Also because my mum chose me to be her Godmother which I was so thankful for! I hope you like it. I'm not going to mention her name because I don't share personal infomation.

Chapter 1

For my beautiful sister,

You came into this world with a smile on your face,
You spread joy around you,
You are a beautiful little girl.

As you explore the world,
I'll be there beside you,
As you face those few battles,
I'll be at your side fighting for you.

In times of need,
I'll deliever,
In times of sadness,
I'll make everything seem clearer.

Your a miracle and your light it shimmers,
I won't let you down,
my love for you has no end,
and I will always be there to hold your hand.

So many things yet your still so young,
And as you grow you'll learn as you go along.
The Angels watch over you and God holds you close.
Friends and family love you as I do to.

I'm happy to be your Godmother throughout your beautiful life.


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