The Emerald Eyes.

What shall happen next?

Chapter 1


Drip, drop. Drip, drop. Drip...
"What if we can't make it?"
"....I'm sure we can."
"But what if..."
"Look at me Charles. I made it. I'm pretty sure I can make it again."
"I know sir but..."
"....Guess you didn't make it."
His Emerald eyes shined so bright. He's a wise man, and one of the only ones left of his kind. This story took place long ago, back in 4382, but I still remember it like it was yesterday. He was a nice man, didn't want to kill that poor boy,
but he had to. That boy was nothing but trouble. He was an Emerald killer. Good thing that man knew that he was an Emerald killer, we already have enough of those nasty old folks....

Chapter one
Emma walked through the halls of her new school: The life school.
This was her last element until she could take the element test and finally become a wizard. Well, not a wizard wizard. The first stage of a wizard, a Sprite Wizard. Sprite Wizard, Blossom Wizard, Green Wizard, and Powerful Wizard.
Emma was exited because this is her first Powerful Wizard teachers. All the other teachers she had gotten were Green Wizards, and the ice wizard was only a Blossom!
Emma got exited about becoming a Sprite. She had been in training by the time she finished Kindergarten! She got secret lessons from her Uncle, Bill. Bill was a great Powerful Wizard, and she learned lots of things from him. The wand she clings onto till this day was given to her by Bill. Emma walked into her classroom. She was the first one there! She looked at Dr. Milif. "Good morning sir." Emma said to him. Dr. Milif smiled. "Pick your seat!" Dr. Milif told her.
Emma sat right in the front row, in the chair closest to the desk. I shall impress him, thought Emma. "What is your name, dear?" Emma looked up at Dr. Milif.
"Emma Sompire." Emma said in a nice, clear voice. Dr. Milif nodded. "What is your age?" Emma smiled. "I am fourteen," she said. "I am here because I am advanced.
Like all young girls, Emma had a dream. And that dream was to be the youngest Powerful Wizard.
Currently, the youngest is Mrs. Pines. She became a Powerful Wizard at age twenty three.
Emma watched as all the people walked in the room. "Take your seats!" Said Dr. Milif. "Class shall begin shortly!" A boy was looking at Emma. Emma turned her head.
Emma lost her temper. She could not stand being stared at. "Is there a problem here?" She said. "Should I move?" The boy shook his head.
"No," He said. "Sorry for staring." The boy walked away.
Emma sank into her seat. She put her books into her desk, but still held onto her wand.
"Good morning class!" Said Dr. Milif. "I'm Doctor Milif, but you may call me Doctor M." He turned to the class.
"Cast a spell of Fire for me Emma!"
Emma looked at Dr. Milif, but she didn't complain. "Fire, fire," Began Emma. "Rise my fire, rise!"
She spun around once, and there was a fire.
"Good!" Said Dr. Milif. "Now put it out using an ice spell!"
Emma began at once. "Ice, ice, ice, rise!" Ice covered the fire, and Emma sat back down.
"Wonderful." Said Dr. Milif. "Take a bow!"
Emma walked up and looked around the room. People gasped and screamed.
Emma walked out of the classroom, and more than half of the room followed.
"You guys do this every time!" Emma pushes them away. " I have Emerald eyes, what does it matter?" Emma ran out the doorway. The teacher was out of the room, and the only person that remained is the boy that Emma talked to earlier, Tom. Tom sighed and took his contacts out, revealing his beautiful Emerald eyes that shined like the gem itself.
"It's safe here." Tom smiled and ran out the school building, putting his contacts back in. "Finally," He whispered to himself. "Someone I can talk to."

Tom ran. "Wait up, Emma!" He said. Emma screamed. "I'm no different than you are!" Tom grabbed her by the shoulder. "I know." He said. Tom took out his contacts. "You too?" Emma looked at Tom in awe. "Yes," Tom said. "I feel your pain."
Tom reached out of his bag, revealing new, blue contacts. "Keep them." Tom said. Emma smiled. "Thanks!" Emma says cheerfully. Tom looks at her. " No problem!" He said. "I'll see you tomorrow!" Tom said. "Bye!" They both walked away. "I made a friend!" Says Emma. "How cool is that?" Emma was so exited.
A person who understands! Emma thought more and more. She smiled. "We are the Emerald Eyes!" Says Emma. She smiled, then opened her house door. Maybe life school isn't so bad after all!


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