Afraid to Fly (poem)

This is just a poem about something that i'm going through now. I think that this may be relatable to some of you, just the entire concept of not knowing whether to speak up, and afraid to do so, but also afraid of what will happen if you don't. Also, if you interpreted it differently, i'd love to hear your thoughts.

Chapter 1

Afraid to Fly

Oh, why yes i wish to fly
But i am afraid of the sky
And i never feel safe and sound
For i am afraid of the ground

I see the stars, constantly glowing
But i am afraid, forever unknowing
I want what is best for you
But i need more time to think it through

I see the tears behind your eyes
Underneath of your disguise
You are, too, afraid to fly
Because you are, shall it be i?

The one to soar up to the sky
For we are both afraid to fly
Yet here you feel safe and sound
And i am afraid of the ground

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