Welcome to my Cemetery Gates

This is my story for the Quibblo Writing Contest, a short 500 word story. It's based on the song Cemetery by Charlie Simpson (Check it out, it's a good song) so the title is the first line in the song. Sorry but there might be some weird grammar bits because I copied and pasted it from a word document onto here so.. sorry. But still, I hope you enjoy the story:)

Chapter 1

Welcome to my Cemetery Gates

by: Daenerys
It was getting dark now, Natalie shivered. She should have been home hours ago, but she'd lost track of time. Her father would be mad, he'd gotten so protective of her since it happened, and he would be even madder if he found out where she'd been. But, honestly, she was fifteen now. She could look after herself, and anyway, Mike would never do anything to hurt her. He was so sweet and kind, and they loved each other. If Natalie's father found that out he'd go berserk though. Mike's parents were so nice, they always made sure that Natalie was happy and comfortable, and they always seemed happy to see her. Why couldn't her dad be like that? He used to be such a fun dad, but then when mum died he became strict and over-protective. He treated her like a child. She wasn't a child. Not anymore. Natalie knew her father still loved her; it would just be nice if he told her once in a while.

Natalie whipped around. She could have sworn that she just saw a shadow behind her in the street lamp. But there was no one there. Still watching the light on the pavement, she pulled her cardigan tighter around herself. "It was nothing. You're just tired", she told herself and walked on quickly. Despite her father's wrath, Natalie couldn't wait to get home. She had the evening planned out: first, she would take a nice, long bath; then she'd snuggle up in a blanket with some sweet popcorn and have a movie marathon - they always cheered her up. Plus, the village was starting to creep her out. Where was everyone? She hadn't seen a single person on her way home, and it was only 8pm.

Natalie crossed the street, she was passing the cemetery now and, even though she wasn't so gullible as to believe the stories, it was better safe than sorry. Some of the stories were pretty gruesome and, frankly, Natalie didn't want to walk near the cemetery. One story told of an old caretaker who had died there, and whose spirit tortured any gangs that tried to vandalise the place. Another told of a teenage girl's ghost - the girl had died of suicide - who brutally murdered bullies and made them look like suicides. There were so many more, horrific ones but Natalie didn't like to think of them.

The girl became conscious of the fact that she'd stopped, and was staring at a grave in the cemetery... There was something odd about it. Without realising, she edged closer. After just seconds of movement, Natalie was crouching at the grave.
Something was wrong. This time, she was sure she'd seen movement. Natalie turned and sprinted for the gates. They slammed shut. She was trapped. "Who's there?" She stuttered, searching the impenetrable darkness. "I'm not scared of you!"
"Of course you're not. Why would you be scared?" A thick, slimy voice said from the darkness. A face came into view. His face was wrinkled, his eyes looked like they were popping out, but he was smiling. A slimy, grotesque smile. The old man grabbed Natalie's hand, he was solid, and the girl cringed at his touch. "Welcome to my cemetery gates."

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