Opposites Attract

Chapter 1

Pure Morning

by: x_i_am_x
It was a peaceful morning until Xavier's alarm clock started ringing. 6am, he thought, hitting the alarm with the palm of his hand, he slowly climbed out of bed, wiping his eyes and lighting a cigarette. He checked his phone, 3 missed calls. He sighed softly and smoked his cigarette, and grabbed himself some clothes. He finished the cigarette and walked to the bathroom, washed his face and threw his clothes on. He grabbed his bag and wrapped his tie around his hand, like a bracelet, then ran down the stairs and walked to the bus station.

She lay in her bed, counting up the numbers that she would eat today. It was 5am and she couldn't sleep. She heard a few loud bangs and got out of bed, walked out of the door and saw her brother playing. She sighed and walked back into her room, grabbed a few clothes and a towel, then walked into the bathroom and started running the shower, slipping out of her clothes and sliding in the shower, washing herself. She climbed out and git dressed, then went back to her room and dried her long, blonde hair. Then straightened it and headed for the bus station, lighting a cigarette on the way.

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