Opposites Attract

Chapter 2

Nancy Boy

by: x_i_am_x
He was walking at quite a speed, looking over his shoulder every few seconds in case anyone was after him. He turned around again, this time accidently knocking a tall girl over, so she dropped her books. She looked quite blank about it, but he quickly picked all of her belongings up and handed them to her, "Oh god, I'm so sorry!" he said, embarrassed and blushing. She smiled at him, "It's fine, don't worry about it, I'm Kathleen, what's your name?" she asked. He was almost unable to speak, he thought she was beautiful. "X-X-Xavier..." he stuttered, blushing brightly. Then the bus arrived, she stepped on first and sat at the window. He walked on a few seconds later, "Hey Xavier?" Kathleen said, patting the seat next to hers "Come sit here." he nodded and sat beside her, smiling.

She was flicking through her iTunes, with her earphones in. She was walking slowly, because she didn't want to drop her sketchbook. Suddenly, she dropped her book and had fallen on her behind. A boy was standing over her, helping her up, then he bent down and picked up her sketchbook, handing it to her. "Oh god, I'm so sorry!" he said, she thought he was really cute. "It's fine, don't worry about it, I'm Kathleen, what's your name?" he was standing in front of her, gawping. It looked like he couldn't control his mouth. "X-X-Xavier..." he finally managed to squeeze out. She smiled at him, then the bus came. She climbed on first and took a window seat, watching Xavier walk on. "Hey Xavier?" she was smiling "Come sit here." she told him, patting the seat next to her, he sat beside her, and they were both smiling.

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