I'll Bet She's Beautiful

I'll Bet She's Beautiful

A flash fiction inspired by Taylor Swift's "Teardrop On My Guitar".

Chapter 1

I'll Bet She's Beautiful

I’ll bet she’s beautiful,
That girl he talks about.
And she’s got everything,
That I have to live without.
I wonder if he knows,
He’s all I think about at night.
She better hold him tight,
Give him all her love.
~Teardrops On My Guitar, Taylor Swift

Anna was laying on her bed, it was very late yet she was still wide awake. She had tried everything to fall asleep, from emptying her mind to counting sheep or simply stare at the ceiling until her eyes hurt. But it was useless, the image of him kept appearing from the back of her mind. Him. Drew.

It had become even harder to think, or say, his name. She didn’t even know when she started to develop a feeling towards her own best friend. She liked him and he didn’t even have the slightest clue. It had been almost four months and now, she was falling in love –deeply in love.

Anna couldn’t help it anymore, she rolled to her side and grabbed her phone from the desk besides her. She unlocked it and checked her IM. She was going to confess her feelings, it didn’t matter if he felt the same way or not.

Fortunately, a green dot was there besides Drew’s name. He was online. Of course he was, Anna thought, he sleeps very late every night. He always does.

‘Hey Drew :)’ Anna typed, without hesitation. She wasn’t going to hide and pretend she only thought of him as a friend forever. That just wasn’t how she was –she wasn’t a coward. If this even meant to end of their seven years of friendship, then be it.

Two minutes passed, she zoomed his profile picture and smiled faintly. He was sitting at the park near his house, it was actually where both of them used to play as kids. His stunning pair of green eyes were staring into the camera, almost as if they were piercing through it. She had always loved those bright eyes. Suddenly, her phone chimed.

‘Anna :) why r u still awake?’

It sounded so normal when she hadn’t liked him, but now it felt so different when he speak her name.

‘I can’t sleep, wbu?’

‘Oh, I just got home.’

He just got home. Anna wondered where he went. He didn’t usually go out at night.

‘Really? Where from?’

A minute passed, then two, then five. She started to think that he’d left for bed, but then her phone blinked red. You just received a picture. What picture? What did Drew just send her? Anna quickly opened to his IM account and opened the file. It was a girl and a boy, they had their arms around each other. They seemed so in love with each other, she could feel it just by seeing from her phone screen. Then it hit her –hard.

It was Drew and his girlfriend, Abigail. Oh, she had almost forgotten. Drew had been dating the school cheerleader since last month. She was still staring at the two of them when she received a message.

‘Dinner with Abi <3 she’s so beautiful!! I’m so lucky to have her, am I?’

Anna felt dead inside. Drew had no clue, not at all. And since when was Abigail called Abi? Suddenly, all her will and the courage she had gathered for such a long time collapsed. Her dreams were crushed, she realized she was a coward after all. She typed in, ‘yeah… she’s very lucky.” and changed one word before actually sending it.

‘Yeah… You’re very lucky.”

Abigail better cherish him.

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