I'm deleting this account. Please read, this is rather important.

Chapter 1

Title says it all.

I see no reason to have this up anymore. If I want to talk to you, I'll message you on one of my other accounts. I don't have the will to keep this one anymore, which, honestly, pains me slightly. But after having all of my secrets revealed to everyone without a second thought, by those I trusted, just ruins this whole account I've come to call home for the past two years.

What, for the longest time, was an escape for my problems, just seems to be an extension of everything I wanted to get away from.

And, honestly, I couldn't even care less anymore. The people that drove me to this know very well who they are, and I just can't stand this anymore. I won't come up to anyone as Ari ever again unless I deem it necessary, so don't count on it.

If anyone wants to know why I'm deleting, this is why. There was someone on here I trusted with everything I had. So, I ended up telling him about some of my personal life. But that person just went off and spilled it to a bunch of other people. Sure, his intentions were good, but that's not worth it. I can't stand having an account where everyone knows everything about me. If I want you to know, I'll tell you, simple as that.

But that was ruined as much as my thoughts of this account and website being like a home, someplace I could go to when I was troubled and wanted someone to talk to, to distract me from my problems.

I'm sorry. To all of the people who've stuck with me as friends, I apologize, because I'm just leaving them and it's not even their fault.

What I'm trying to say, is that no matter what it may seem like, you can't trust very many people fully, and if you give people trust too carefully, it'll just come and stab you in the back later, causing everything you thought you knew to crumble around you.

Don't trust people too easily, guys. Don't make the mistake I did. It's not worth it.

So yeah, I'll leave this account existing for a few more hours, but come tomorrow, it'll have been deleted. If I want to talk to you, I'll message you on my other account.

Don't count on it, though, alright? It's unlikely at this point.

See ya.


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