All I Really Want Is To Hold You Tight (Short Story)

All I Really Want Is To Hold You Tight (Short Story)

this is for the latest quibblo story contest. I based this on my ALL TIME FAVORITE SONG, sometimes by britney spears! the flash fiction is from the point of view of a girl named mimi (like half of my username) and she is in love with this boy that doesn't know she exists but wants him to.

Chapter 1

I Don't Wanna Be So Shy

Today was another day at school and another day of wanting something i can't have yet can't live without: Blaine.

He is the most beautiful and perfect guy i have ever seen in my life and i want him so bad!

The thing is that he has a girlfriend named Teri. She is the typical all american blonde bimbo that is a cheerleader and popular.

Of course Blaine would like her, why would he like me? I'm the total opposite of his living and breathing barbie girlfriend.

I just wish i could tell him how i feel but then he doesn't even know i exist.

As i walked out of my classroom, i saw an a flyer for the upcoming talent show and got the most brilliant idea and way of showing how i feel: by singing a special song that reveals my love for him!

I went to tell my best friend, tasha, and see her reaction.

"Am i crazy for wanting to do this?" I asked her.

"Well i don't think you're crazy but do you know what you're gonna get yourself into if you do this? You could be humiliated and taunted until graduation!" Tasha said.

"But...I love him and we have so much in common unlike Teri, who only cares about shopping and her stupid looks. I would honestly be a better girlfriend than she ever would!" I said passionately.

"Well if that's the way you feel, go ahead, sign up! Just remember the risks!"
Tasha said.

"With love, you have to take risks." i said and then ran back to where i found the flyer.

And of course, this happens:

I run into Blaine and knock him over!

"Oh my gosh, i'm so sorry!" I said sheepishly.

He looked at me for like a second and then replied.

"No it's my fault. I should've watched where i was going." he said and flashed that adorable smile that i have been dreaming of every night.

My whole mind went completely blank until i realized i was on top of him and people were looking at us.

"Oh Sorry!" I quickly jumped up and started walking away when he caught up to me.

"It's ok! I actually kind of liked it." he said flirtaciously.

I blushed and smiled my prettiest smile at him.

"What is your name?" he asked me.

"Uh...m-m-mimi!" i stuttered retardedly.

"Nice to meet you m-m-mimi, i'm Blaine. I hope to see you around again."
he said again with that gorgeous and attractive mega - watt smile.

"Y-you too!" I said. I went back to the flyer when i felt someone come behind me.

Of course it was miss barbie herself.

"What the hell are you doing with my boyfriend??" Teri asked angrily. 2 of her mindless followers were next to her for intimidation i guess.


"N- n - n? What are you special ed? I ASKED YOU A QUESTION!" She yelled.

Pretty soon the whole student body was observing this horrific moment.

"Nothing! I just was in a hurry and accidentally bumped into him. That's all."
I said.

Teri looked me up and down and then snickered.

"You better stay away from Blaine or else i will personally kill you, got it?"
she said closely to my face.

"I-I won't!" I said.

"Good!" She said as she strutted her bony bimbo body.

I then went to where the flyer was and read that the auditions were happening NOW!

So I ran to the auditorium and saw a girl break dancing to a Jason Derulo song.

3 minutes later,
she was done and the judges clapped.

"Ok who wants to go next?" the judge asked.

"I WILL!" I exclaimed as i went quickly to the where the judges were.

They all looked at me with a surprised look on their faces.

"What are you gonna do?" one of the judges asked me.

"I'm gonna sing a song called 'Sometimes'." i said.

"Ok are you gonna sing this acapella or playback?" the judge asked.

"Acapella." I said.

"What is your name?" another judge asked.

"Mimi." I said.

"Ok you may proceed, Mimi." they said.

I breathed and then started singing the chorus:

Sometimes I run, sometimes i hide
sometimes i'm scared of you
but all i really want is to hold you tight
treat you right, be with you day and night
baby all i need is time.

I then stopped and they didn't respond.
I was worried that they didn't like my voice, so i ran off stage in tears.

"Mimi, Wait! Where are you going??" One of the judges asked me.

"I was terrible! I sucked! I shouldn't have auditioned! I don't know what i was thinking!" I said as i sniffled.

"No you we're great! We think you would be great for the talent show!"
She said.

"Really?" I gasped.

"Yeah you are officially in! Congratulations!" she said.

I then unintentionally let out a big squeal and jumped up and down.

"Thank you so much! You have no idea how much this means to me!" i said happily.

"You're welcome! Rehearse as much as you can cause this friday is the talent show, ok?" she said.

"Don't worry, i will!" i said and then ran outside and squealed again.

"So how did it go?" Tasha asked me.

"I'M IN IT!!!" I shrieked and then started happy jumping with her.

"Wow that is great! I'm happy for you." Tasha said.

"You gotta help me practice and decide what i'm gonna wear!" I said as i dragged Tasha outside and drove to my house.

For the next 3 days, Tasha helped me practice for the show and bought a really cute dress that was baby blue and had glitter on it.

4 Days Later:
It was already the night of the show and i was excited yet very nervous.

I just hoped that Blaine got the hint of my fiery passion for him.

"What are you doing here?" Teri asked rudely.

"I'm in the show." I said.

"Oh really? What are you gonna do? S-s-stutter??" Teri mocked me while her stupid brainless friends laughed.

"No, she is gonna sing! What are you gonna do? grind on a stripper pole?" Tasha defended me.

Teri and the girls scoffed and replied:
"You just better prepare to lose, Mimi! Come on, girls! Let's go!" Teri said as she walked away.

"Ignore her, you are gonna be great! Good luck!" Tasha said and then gave me a hug.

"Thanks, Tasha. Are you sure Blaine will feel the same way?" I asked nervously.

"Of course! You are more of an amazing and beautiful girl than Teri can ever hope to be. He would be a fool if he didn't like you!" Tasha said.

"You really think so?" I asked.

"I know so. Just don't worry, ok! Besides, you're doing a Britney Spears song and since when has she failed at anything in music?" Tasha said.

"Don't jinx me now!" I responded.

"Sorry but just sing your feelings, that's all! I'm gonna go to my seat now. See you afterwards!" she said as she left.

I looked through the curtains and saw Blaine there with his buddies.

"Mimi, you're up next!" the stage manager told me.

"Oh ok!" I went near the entrance of the stage behind the curtain next to the teacher hosting the show.

"Now here is Mimi Arias performing 'Sometimes'!"

I went on stage as the crowd politely clapped.

I was so nervous but then i saw Blaine and knew i had to do this.

It was now or never!

I started singing the lyrics with emotion and whenever the song mentioned "you", i pointed at Blaine and sang to him. He looked surprised and i think he got the hint.

Once i finished, i heard a HUGE roar of applause including Blaine who whistled and clapped loudly.

1 hour later:

"And the winner of this year's talent show is....Mimi Arias!" the teacher said as she read the paper with the winner on it.

I almost died literally right there on the spot cause i honestly didn't know i was even gonna win at all!

The rest of the students congratulated me as i walked back to the stage to get the big trophy.

I never felt so appreciated and loved them i did right then and there.

Later on that night,

"So Mimi, is that how you really feel about me?" Blaine asked with a smile.

"Y-y-YES! I like you alot, Blaine. I know you are with Teri but i just am crazy about you and i know i'm risking rejection but i just wanted to let you know." i blurted out.

I instantly felt regret tingle over my entire body.

He smiled and then said:

"I like you too. In fact, i haven't been able to get you out ever since our encounter!" Blaine blushed.

"Really?" I asked enthusiastically.

"Yeah but I didn't know you liked me otherwise i would've asked you out." he said.

"But you have a girlfriend.." i said sadly.

"So?" he caressed my cheek and kissed me with so much love that it almost made me faint.

"BLAINE! WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THAT LOSER?!?!" Teri exclaimed angrily.

"She is not a loser and we are done!" Blaine said.

"You're gonna dump me for her?!? The stuttering idiot?!?" Teri shrieked.

"Yes i am." he said as he looked at me and kissed me again.

Teri screamed and then ran away crying.

After he kissed me,
we went on our first date to johnny rocket's and we have been dating ever since.

The End


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