Things that annoy me from some Quibblo users. (Rant)

WARNING: Don't read if you take things seriously.

Chapter 1

Things that annoy me (Sorry if I offended anyone)

by: angel52
The thing that annoys me the most: Ignorance. like, I hate when I message someone, and they are online, and they just ignore the message! It really make me feel unimportant, especially if this keeps happening with the same person. or when I comment on someone's profile "Congrats on featured member" or "Happy birthday" and they reply everyone except me! or when I send a friend request to someone who is active and they ignore the request even that they say on their about me that they accept them all.
Hey people, If you don't like me tell me and I won't annoy you again with my messages, just don't ignore me :)

Spam invites
Sometimes, I find that my inbox has a new message, I get excited maybe someone messaged me or someone commented on my Quiz, then I find a quiz invitation that says, for example: "I am so tired, I have tons of homework". like it's non of our business! Quibblo is not facebook or twitter! Quibblo is a website for creating quizzes and stories not for updating your status!

Bad grammar
I mean Quibblonians who make Quizzes titled, for example "dO Ur Crushh LuVs uu" instead of "Does your crush like you?". it just make the Quiz/story very uncomfortable! ITS NOT COOL PEOPLE ! Whenever I find an invitation like this in my inbox I just ignore it !!

People who are mean to you for no reason
Once, I messaged someone on Quibblo (Not gonna say who) asked them politely "Why didn't you accept my friend request?" the reply was "Why do you ask?" like why was that person mean in the reply? I just asked them politely, and till today they didn't accept my friend request (they have over 300 friends). Another user called secret_keys posted on my profile:
post this on anyone's profile who made you want to die somewhere, sometime in your life. It may surprise you, but check out how many will send you one back. thanks alot for making me like that
like again, what did I do to them? and another example (I'm sure it happened to many of you) people who constantly rate your quizzes star or constantly downvote your comments and you never did them anything bad. message to these people: Get a life!

Attention Seekers
I know you've always seen people who grab attention by posts like these: "I am ill in the hospital, I am dying" and they spam our inboxes with it, like really, who would really think of getting into Quibblo if they are dying in the hospitals? Stop faking stories like that to get attention, and again: Get a life!

Unreadable usernames
(No offence if your username is like that)but It really annoys me when I see an unreadable username, for example xXXxgo0nexX09xaWaYxXxX. how the hell am I going to remember a username like that?

People who don't return the favor
Let's see an example. there is a girl on Quibblo (not telling who) Who I always messaged her, and made her in my top friends, and always complimented her, and even when I made shoutouts I shoutouted to her (I really cared about her). and then?
I am not even on her top friends (never was and never will be), and I am the one who always messages her first, and when she made shoutouts she shout-outed to almost all her friends except me. she didn't even thank me when I shout-outed to her !!!. I don't even feel like she considers me her friend. or maybe she hates me (WHY?). like if she hates me or is annoyed by me she should have told me. anyway I stopped messaging her because I feel like she is careless about me, but she cares about all her other Quibblo friends.
Similar situations like this have happened to me before. and If you are one of them (either you were like that with me or someone else) you should have either returned the favor or told that friend simply that you don't like them (and stating the reason). People on Quibblo !! never lose any Quibblonian who really wants to be your friend! make them feel important too !! return them the favor !! and anyone, if I am on your top friends and you are not on mine message me and I will put you on my top friends :) I don't want to make anyone feel unwanted :)

People who judge you based on your religion
another important topic! like Quibblonians who say that if you are not christian you will go to hell! Quibblo is not a church people! its a site for quizzes, stories and making friends ! and you are not even going to convert them like that! personally, I treat people with all religions equally, no matter if they are my religion, other religion or have no religion at all. it's their own business not yours!

If you feel like you did any of these message me and I will be honest in telling you,. I am really sorry but I feel really out of mood now so I ranted :/

I may get a lot of hate after this rant, but I didn't mean to offend anyone!I just wanted to say my own opinion! have a nice day everyone :)


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