My Angel experiences.

My Angel experiences.

I've always been to afraid and almost embrassed to share these experiences but now I've decided that I want to.

Chapter 1

A beautiful silouhette beside my bed.

It was a good month ago now but I remeber being awoken for no apparent reason. I think it was roughly 1:25am in the morning and I remeber seeing a silouhette knelt beside my bed, it seemed to be made from stars but so prettily and a combination of colours. They formed a human-like body now usually if I'd awoken to see something so strange looking beside my bed. I would have ran out of my room or jumped outta my window.
But I had this strange sensation, I felt no fear and I had only a wave of love. It was a magical feeling. I wasen't afraid and I'm sure it smiled at me then. I smiled at it, I remeber, then I immediatly fell back asleep. I know it wasen't a dream, because It felt so real and more odd was that I found a small white feather laid on the floor where it had been when i awoke in the morning.

I believe this was my guardian angel.


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