Isn't Cupid Rather Stupid?

Chapter 1

Isn't Cupid Rather Stupid?

by: x_i_am_x
And I'm tired.
But you're alive,
But she's alone.
Shut up, Zane.

You pathetic waste of skin,
I know how much it aches,
You're worthless from within,
You lying waste of space.

But I'm exhausted.
But you're dead,
But she's desolate.
Zane, I need you.

No more meds,
Welcome hospital beds,
Can you see our heads,
We better watch where we tread,
Filling with dread,
Wanting to swallow lead,
Painting walls brightly red,
Waiting to be fed,
But will we join Zed?

Just go to sleep,
I want to feel you deep,
Let me play it on repeat,
Swollen feet,
One sick beat,
Climbing stairs far too steep,
Oh my heart, you can keep,
I'll close your eyes, don't peep,
Close my eyes, begin to weep.

Isn't Cupid rather stupid?


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