group story anyone?

Limited spaces!!!

Chapter 1


Ok, I Was Thinking About a group story with 6 people , I am one of them , which leaves 5 spaces.

There Is An Evil Sorceress (ME) Who Has Discovered A Shard Of The Telepalithian Mirror - If She Can Find The Other 9 Shards, She Will Have Unlimited Power. 5 People Decide They Will Stop Her At All Costs. A Few Chapters In, One Of The Boys (See Who Are You Explanation) Will Be Kidnapped By The Sorceress And Held Hostage. Will He Escape, Or Will He Be Sentenced To A Fate Worse Than Death? Will They Stop The Enchantress, Or Will She Destroy Life As We Know It? The Answers Are Not Yet Decided. Fate Is Still Watching Over The Earth, Taking Note Of The Brave Group Of Teens Who Could Save Earth.

For The Who Are You? Question, Choose One Of These (Base Your Characters Personality, Appearance ECT Around This.)
>A Brave Girl. Feisty, Doesn't Give Up. She Has To Have Had A Traumatic Past.

> A Shy Girl. She Thought She Was Human, Until One Day She Lashed Out At Her School Bullies And Set The Place Ablaze. Cannot Be Human. The Boy Who Is ' Strong And Angry' Loves Her.

> A Strong And Angry Boy. He Often Resorts To Violence And Is Hopelessly In Love With The Shy Girl.

> A Shy Boy. He Gets Kidnapped And His Biggest Weakness Is Pain. He Loves The Feisty Girl.

> ANY GENDER : Caring And Sweet At First Sight, But This Person Is Actually A Spy For The Evil Enchantress. This Person Sabotages The Group MANY TIMES , But Nobody Suspects Its This Person, They Think Its Just HAPPENED.

Fill Out This:

Good Things About Their Personality:
Bad Things:
Species: (Human , Enchanter/ess , Werewolf, Vampire,
Who Are You?
Anything Else?

Sooo Yeah! Sound Good?
Please Sign Up , I Wanna Get It Started Soon.


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