New Generation: A Harry Potter Group Story

Writing order goes me, SheWhoWalksUnseen, Light_In_Life, RegretNothing,
Directioner826, andy_beirsackandme
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Chapter 1

Cleo Black

"Cleo, could you please get the newspaper for me?" My step mother calls from the kitchen of our two story home.

"Yea!" I yell back at her barreling down the stairs taking two at a time because I really have nothing better to do.

Also, I've been waiting for something special. My Hogwarts 4th year supply list should be coming by owl very soon. When I get to the front, there lying on the front porch is the paper and a letter. I smile and scoop up the letter except I notice something strange.

On the cover is the face everyone had feared for so long and my father's death had been at his expense, Voldemort. My breath catches in my throat and I drop the paper with the face of You Know Who plastered to the material.

I thought he was dead! Harry Potter killed him.... He's back and we're all screwed.

I sigh "Ugh and I was so excited for this to come...." I pick up the paper again and return inside.

"Anything good in the paper today, hun?" My step mom asks walking around the corner wearing a green apron, a floral sun dress, and her reading glasses. I shake my head and toss her the paper "Quite the contrary actually."

She looks down at the paper simular to the way I had. Her bottom lip tremble and her eyes grow wide "V-Voldemort...."

I rub the back of my head tangling my slender hand in my black curled hair "Yea."

Her brows furrow and a smile lights up her face "Oh don't worry about anything, Cleo! I mean I doubt you'll be in any danger at Hogwarts after all." She bellows.

"O-ok." I stammer and hand her the letter. She smiles again and escorts me to our rather large and quite dusty old fireplace. I grab the small pot we keep on the mantel price and reach my hand in feeling sandy powder in between my fingers. I close my hand around a fist full of powder and retract my hand from the pot. I throw the Floo Powder into the fireplace and it erupts in green flames.

I quickly run upstairs and grab my suit case and cat, Nero. I bound back to the fireplace and hug my step mom "Tell Dad I said bye and I love you!" I step into the flames and I get sucked into wizard transport.

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