The Random Button (Quibblo Experiment)

I'm bored, so I'm going to post up collections of Quizzes and Stories found by clicking the random quiz/story button, also giving a commentary on each finding. This should be fun.

Tell me what you all think of this idea! XD

Into the depths of Quibblo I go!

Chapter 1

Random trial date: 30/05/2014, local time, 29/05/2014 American time.

Random stories

1. (Quibblo Family)
Status of (creator): Active. Last sign in; 28/05/2014
Ahh, the old Quibblo family repost, it seems to have lost its popularity these days, I remember they were very popular when I first signed up. I also remember joining some of them, but I have no idea which ones.

2. (Before & Now (Repost))
Status of (creator): Active. Last sign in; 29/05/2014
This repost is actually quite a recent one, so most of you should already be familiar with it. You just type down what you were like two years ago, then again at the present time.

3. (Mean with a touch of Kindness (A George Weasley Love Story))
Status of (creator) : Inactive. Last sign in; 04/01/2013
This story starts off with a bio and a link, two no no's to writing a story. Though the way the story is presented after that is pretty good, and you won't rip your eyeballs out from spelling errors. It's got a few clichés, but I kinda wanted to know what happened next! XD Pity the creator is probably not coming back to finish what she started.

4. ((Please Read) Hi Everyone! :) If you do me a favor, I'll do you one ^-^)
Status of (creator) : Deleted. Last sign in; Unknown
User spam asking if people could check out some things. I remember this person actually! She deleted last year at some point during the end of the summer I think it was. I kinda miss her, anyone know if she's coming back?

5. (blog)
Status of (creator): Active. Last sign in; 18/04/2014
As the title suggests, it's a blog, or, more a diary of a pissed off kid. It mostly talks about her school life and a little about her life life. Little knowledge of spelling and grammar.

6. (HI! Please read! I need an answer xD)
Status of (creator) : Active (currently online). Last sign in; 29/05/2014
This is a user spam post asking whether anyone knew about the (previously) new Disney TV show, Lab Rats, and if anyone would be interested in a fanfic written about it. Whether she actually wrote it, is unknown at the time. I may investigate later.
A/N: Hey, you! Accept my FR would you?!

7. (The Gift)
Status of (creator): Inactive. Last sign in; 28/04/2013
This is a surprisingly well written Twilight fanfic. I may read it later when I'm feeling a little less lazy.

8. (A Hogwarts Love Story part 2)
Status of (creator): Inactive. Last sign in; 05/08/2012
A poorly written HP love story, riddled with spelling errors, clichés, little paragraphing, and shallow characters, but it's short, so whatcha got to lose? X)

Status of (creator) : Active. Last sign in; 21/04/2014
First of all, it's spelt poems, second of all, I believe you meant, 'I', not 'U' in the 8th verse, and it's 'you're' not 'your' in the 7th verse. Other than that, it's a cute little poem, and it's got a song to look at, at the end! =D

10. (Hunger Games Short #1:The Final Moments Of "The Hunger Games:Catching Fire")
Status of (creator) : Active. Last sign in; 26/05/2014
A HG fanfic of the alternate end of Catching Fire where everything plays out differently! Though I have nothing to compare it to, since I've never read the series. There were a couple of spelling errors, poor paragraphing, and I believe there were also a few tense changes in there.

This search yielded: 2 Reposts, 1 Blog, 4 Fanfics, 1 Poem, and 2 User Spam.
Status of creators: 6 Active, 1 Deleted, 3 Inactive.

Random Quizzes

1. (are you right for me? guys only...)
Status of (creator) : Inactive. Last sign in; 18/09/2008
Muahaha! I took it even though I'm a girl! >=D I got maybe, how could she be uncertain of my awesomeness!? Gender specifics aside.

2. (Finish the Lyrics)
Status of (creator) : Inactive. Last sign in; 14/07/2013
A fairly well written scored quiz about song lyrics, I got 60%, my heart wasn't in it, and I didn't know all the songs there any way. X)

3. (Siblings)
Status of (creator) : Inactive. Last sign in; 16/10/2009
A very short survey about siblings.

Status of (creator) : Inactive. Last sign in; 14/07/2010
A misspelled title asking whether blonds or brunettes are hotter. Frankly I think that blond haired woman are less attractive, but it tends to vary from person to person.
Oh, and allegedly men, on average, find lighter haired women to be more appealing, where's women are the opposite, and find darker haired women to be more appealing. Interesting, no?

Status of (creator) : Inactive. Last sign in; 01/08/2010
A poll that leads the reader to some links to the subjects mentioned, on

6. (~ Seven minutes in heaven for girls 2!!!~)
Status of (creator) : Inactive. Last sign in; Unknown (assumed; 02/08/2008)
An oddly well written 7mins in heaven story/quiz, well, spelling and punctuation wise, these things totally suck common sense wise! Like, no one in their right mind would immediately start having sèx for this game, just because the other person is hot/mysterious/whatever trait people find attractive in guys. XD I got Cero as a result. ^-^

7. (Creepy but Hot!, Stalker [17])
Status of (creator) : Inactive. Last sign in; 24/02/2013
It seems we'll never get part 18, aw well... Again, this one is oddly well written, spelling and punctuation wise. Also, no matter how hot the stalker is, he's still a friggen stalker, kick him in the nuts, and run for it!

8. (how many avatar charaters do you like?)
Status of (creator) : Inactive. Last sign in; Unknown (assumed; 02/02/2008)
Longish survey about Avatar characters. I didn't bother doing it, since I am unfamiliar with most of them. (This is Avatar the last airbender by the way)

9. (Are you hyper?!?!?!)
Status of (creator) : Inactive. Last sign in; 05/07/2009
The usual naive kid who seems to think they have ADHD. It was an amusing quiz though. Allegedly I need to restock up on sugar. Won't help, sugar has no effect on me these days, I ain't no little kid anymore... Coffee, on the other hand, works for about 2 to 3 hours.

10. (tHE bORED qUIZ.)
Status of (creator) : Deleted. Last sign in; Unknown
A short quiz to see if you're bored. It got it right! XD Though whoever made this's keyboard was possessed at the time, and seemed to randomly turn on the caps lock, bless 'em.

This search yielded: 1 Scored Quiz, 5 Personality Quizzes, 3 Polls, and 1 Survey.
Status of creators: 1 Deleted, 9 Inactive.

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