Book of Short Stories

1: Video Games

Chapter 1

Nightmare (Video Games)

I'm sitting here, in the dark, with my friends Gemma & Daniel. The game has yet to start, so we set up the board, cards & write our Nightmares on special cards. Mine, of course, is vampires. Those horrid blood-sucking monster of the night are what haunt me at night.
I push the tape into the video machine & so begins our fight to beat Nightmare, the game of what scares you. The screen lightens and a man appears, hood pushed from his face. He seems rather... normal.

"Welcome, travellers. I am the Gate Keeper."
"How lame." Daniel whispers.
The Gate Keeper seems to frown. "When I call for you to 'answer', you will call 'Yes, Gate Keeper'."
"Blah~" Gemma giggled.
"Fail to do so & you will be sentenced to the Black Hole."
"Man, he's rather mean." Daniel rolled his eyes.
"If anyone spoke while I was, you miss a turn~"

Gemma & Daniel stare as the Gate Keeper smiles & vanishes, starting the clock. I begin my two turns, rolling marvellously to get a 'Chance' & 'Time' card. With Daniel & Gemma allowed to play, the game kicked off into scary fun with Time cards being flung into the pile each minute & Fate cards being used every second.
The Gate Keeper smiled each time we fell into the Black Hole or fell on hardships, like missing turns or being called names (I got called 'Old One'!). Finally, the final minute of the Game came into play. We scrambled to beat the clock, the candles, to the centre & call out our Nightmare.

"I've got it!" Daniel cried, snatching up a Nightmare card. "Not mine!"

He lunged at the stop button & the game was ended. Daniel had beaten the Gate Keeper with so few seconds on the clock, it's scary to mention. We cheer in joy & fright for the victory of Daniel, but the victory is short lived by the appearance of another game: Nightmare II: Zombie

"Lets do it~" I smiled.

Gevaudan the werewolf came to howl at the moon as it rose with each minute; Hellin the poltergeist screamed in joy as we played her game; Khufu the mummy cackled with each toss of the die; Baron Samedi the zombie danced as he decayed; Anne de Chantraine the witch had us confess our sins; and Elizabeth Bathory the vampire licked her lips & called upon us to become hers.
We dodged the bite of the Werewolf, we tried our best to stop Hellin from crying, we played the casino in the Pyramids with Khufu, danced & shouted for the Baron, burnt for Anne & feverishly tried to flee the Vampires & Elizabeth.

So, will this be your Nightmare in the Atmosfear~? Come find out!


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