Hey guys! I might have to say goodbye to a lot of you

Sorry for spamming.

And, also, sorry for expressing my opinions this harshly. I just need to get this out.

Chapter 1

Hey Guys!

Okay, so I would like you to unfriend me if you are any of the following:


Unfriend me if you do not believe in equal rights for all races, religions (yes, ALL religions, including atheism, satanism, etc.), the LGBT community, all genders (including non-binary genders) and sxual orientations.

Unfriend me if you think that privilege doesn't exist in modern society and deny the oppression of others.

Unfriend me if you heavily generalize groups of people.

Unfriend me if you are strongly against alternative subcultures (like goth).

Unfriend me if you are against feminism, think badly about feminist, or refer to us as "femininazis"

Unfriend me if you are a so called "meninist".

Unfriend me if you use slurs that you can't reclaim (for example, if you use the N word and you're not black, you use the F slur and you aren't gay, you use the T slur and you aren't trans
dmab, etc.)

Unfriend me if you think that women are ever "asking for it."

Unfriend me if you think that it is okay to make random comments on someone's weight.

Unfriend me if you are not willing to correct your own problematic behavior.

Unfriend me if you think that heteroflexibility, homoflexibility, bisexuality, pansexuality, polysexuality, asexuality and/or demisexuality do not exist. (It is okay if you just don't know what they are).

Unfriend me if you have a problem with any of the following:

I am pro-choice (I'll live if you're pro-life, but if you think that I'm supporting murder or that I'm a horrible person, unfriend me).

I am black.

I am a woman.

I am panromantic.

I am homosexual.

I am an atheist/agnostic.

I am fat.

I am a feminist.

Thank you for listening. I'm sorry if any of you found the need to unfriend me. It was nice knowing you, but these are my beliefs, my identity and a huge part of who I am as a person and they may show up in my future content.


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