Inked Vagabond

Dystopian fiction, work in progress

Chapter 1


It all started on my sixteenth birthday.

I walked down the cracked street with a small bundle of paperwork under one arm, so that I could get my first tattoo. Not the artistic pieces of work you may imagine, but a barcode on my neck. Now that I was of legal age, I was to get this so the government could do whatever it is they do with my information, at any time. I lived in a ghetto neighborhood, so the local government office was nearby. It was a short, gray, square building with employees who never smiled. I pulled the heavy door half open and slunk in with my eyes down.

As soon as I entered I was met with a security guard wearing some heavily padded gear, standing at a gate with a metal detector. "Stop please." He said, fake politely. "Your paperwork." I kept my eyes down and handed him the papers. He hastily flipped through them and held my birth certificate up to a lamp, looking for the official seal. "Stand with your arms straight out." I did what he said, and he quickly ran the device around me. Nothing went off. He handed me my papers back and said, "Continue down the hall to the sign in desk."

I quickly shuffled through the gate.


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