Dangerous Recollections

Chapter 1

Sleeping Beauty Awakes

She woke to complete darkness, and a presence right beside her. She didn't change her breathing, or open her eyes, but the person beside her, for she had determined that it was human, lit a lamp. The sudden flood of light blinded her, and brought back all of the memories from the past year. He laid a hand over her eyes, shutting out some of the light, and forcing her to listen. "You need to calm down. You're safe here." He had a soothing voice, one that she knew, but she was still too caught up in the nightmare of the past. "That's it, nice and easy." He quickly dimmed the lamp, and slowly removed his hand. She blinked a few times, adjusting to the light, and was met with a sterile room. Her breathing picked back up, panic overriding his comforting presence.

"Where am I?" She asked in between hurried breathes.

"You are at my brothers' and my house. You were pretty beat up when we found you. My brothers and I are a special team; we go in for the mission impossible type stuff. We like to be prepared." She sat up slowly, testing her ability to sit up without falling over.

"Found me? I don't remember that, all I remember is before...." She trailed off, slowly trying to gain the rest of her memory, the blank spots. She knew this man. His name was... Was.... Kristophe! That was it.

"There you go, what do you remember?" She didn't reply. She was remembering everything. How they had stormed in, faces set, and gotten everyone else out. He went back as soon as he saw her, but she didn't believe that they were there to rescue her. So he just sat across from her in her cell and talked. He told her that they had really come for their sister, but had taken the extra time to get everyone else out, because they could, and it wasn't fair to leave them. He talked about the outside world, and how the house that he and his brothers lived in had beautiful scenery, and other random things. He had stayed in that cell for two weeks, just to get her out; because he couldn't leave anyone behind that he had even the slightest chance of getting out. Not there.

He sat there, listening to the occasional mutters of the past until she slowly sunk into a normal sleep, before he left the room.

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