Somewhere, I Am Waiting for You

Somewhere, I Am Waiting for You

Chapter 3


Today is a beautiful day. The sun is shining, the pigeons are cooing, the leaves on the dandelions are just beginning to unfurl. It is a cliche day for ice cream and carnivals, for beaches and family outings. Today is a beautiful day even though one less beautiful thing is gracing it.

I stare, motionless, into the white plate of the sun. Unflinching, eyes leaking dry salt. I do not cry; the sand tumbles over the apples of my cheeks like hail, dusting over my torso. I do not cry.

Suddenly, I remember to breathe, gulping back boiling gasps of dusty air. Breathing in the particles of my skin, strands of blonde hair sucked into my lips, breathing in air that Josephine Michaels is not inhaling. Breathing without thought, breathing without purpose.

"Patricia." Father's voice cracks and he grasps my sweaty hand in his own. He cries, salty liquid splattering his khakis. He cries.

We sit, staring into the beautiful sun, breathing in our dust. I breathe, he cries.

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