Somewhere, I Am Waiting for You

Somewhere, I Am Waiting for You

Chapter 6

Empty Halls

The threshold of Greville Virtual High is artificially lit, headache-y LEDs pulsing rays through the downpour. The school is an old one, undeveloped, unfunded, and un-progressive. My ID card is scanned as I push through the door.

I walk through the halls, voices bouncing off of cheerful paint. Footsteps echo through the tunnel.

People notice me as I walk by, but no one calls my name.

In the population of 314, I am alone.

I reach my classroom door before it opens. I heave my shoulder against the cold metal.

It does not budge.

I push at it with all my might, feet slipping backwards on gray splattered tile, suit dripping with acid rain, hands stretched and knuckles concave against this metal barrier that will never open for me.

I am making a scene in this empty hall. But there is nobody here to notice.

The bell rings, the door opens.

I fall to the ground.

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