This is probably not going to make 100% sense because it's kind of hard for me to organize my thoughts like this, but I'm giving it a shot because I'm passionate about it :3

Chapter 1


by: KrisWolff
Wikipedia says that a feminist advocates or supports the rights and equality of women.

However, the rest of the internet usually thinks that a feminist is an over-sensitive politically correct man-hating and generally psychopathic woman. Which is not true, by the way.
Some women are certainly some of these, but they're rarely actual feminists.

My definition of feminism (as is most other feminists') is:
A person that is for the equality of women and girls in every social, political, and economic sense (This means that they're not automatically assumed to be weak, emotional, or different than men and boys.) , as well as someone who is pro-bodily autonomy (especially for women), and, by consequence, anti-sxual assault and rpe. A feminist is a person who believes that traditional gender roles are ridiculous and should be eliminated.

Feminists are not anti-men, nor are they anti-s*x, despite what many people would have you believe.

Another thing, I, personally, do not believe that one can be a feminist if they identify as pro-life/anti-choice. To be a feminist, you have to believe that women are 100% capable of making decisions about their own bodies, and while a fetus is relying on and carried inside of a female, it is part of that female's body. No question about it. Abortion is not about the "rights" of a fetus, it's about the rights of a female. The rights to make your own decisions about your own body. Under no circumstances should ANYONE have the power to decide things about your body for you unless you're mentally or physically uncapable of doing so in an informed way.

That was shorter than I expected it to be, but I will most likely add chapters. :)


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