Another Important Issue That You Can Help With!

Please help! This is very important to me and all it will take is a little bit of your time.

Chapter 1

The Petition

Okay, so there is a petition that has been started to recognize the KKK as a terrorist group.

If you are unfamiliar with the KKK, it stands for the Ku Klux Klan and they are a notorious hate group. They need to be stopped! Here is what was said on the webpage of the petition:

"The North Carolina based Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, which calls itself the “largest Klan in America, will be speaking outside the North Carolina State House. The groups leader, Robert Jones, has stated that he believes Dylann Roof "was heading in the right direction." And, "He should have actually aimed at the African-American gang-bangers"

The KKK has been responsible for far too many deaths and too much violence against American citizens in our country's history. They are terrorists, plain and simple. The White House needs to declare them as such and deny them the legitimacy they currently appreciate. There is no excuse to let them organize. Hate speech should not be protected speech. Endorsements of violence are terrorism."

And, if you are not familiar with Dylann Roof, he is a white man who committed a terrible hate crime. He murdered 8 black people in their place of worship. The KKK supports this.

So, please, don't support the KKK and don't be complacent! Spread the word! Sign the petition here:

Please recognize how serious this is, how many people could be in danger, and how much your signature is needed. Do not turn a blind eye to this.


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